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    Sustainable actions for a better planet

    FREJA’s main areas of operation are within transport and logistics, and with the increase in global trade, it is more important than ever to find more sustainable solutions to help reduce the industries’ CO2 emissions impact. Recognizing our position within the global sectors we operate in, we are equally dedicated to addressing the broader aspects of sustainability, including governance and social responsibility.

    The environmental component of ESG is crucial for a sustainable future. FREJA is actively involved in implementing more sustainable solutions within our operations. This includes initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, such as optimizing the utilization of loads, reducing empty haulage and exploring sustainable fuel solutions.

    In terms of governance, FREJA is dedicated to ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all our operations. We adhere to rigorous governance standards to ensure that our company operates with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our governance practices are designed to uphold the trust of our stakeholders.

    When it comes to social responsibility, we value our long-lasting and strong relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to ensuring their well-being and development. We support each other in finding and developing sustainable solutions while fostering a diverse, inclusive, and safe working environment for all.

    For many years, we have committed ourselves to elaborate our efforts in a sustainability report. In the reports, we describe ongoing projects, new initiatives, and present key figures to create transparency in our business. Our sustainability efforts encompass all three pillars of ESG, reflecting our commitment to creating a positive impact on the planet, fostering good governance, and fulfilling our social responsibilities.

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    Sustainability reports

    Check your CO2 footprint with FREJA Footprint Analyzer

    At FREJA Transport & Logistics, we are constantly exploring different sustainable transportation modes. We make an effort to optimize our environmental efforts and contribute to the collective fight against climate change. Therefore, we introduce the FREJA Footprint Analyzer.

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    Code of Conduct

    In FREJA, we have committed ourselves to secure sustainability, high business morals, and ethics as well as full integrity. We make sure that we respect existing legislation at any time. FREJA has worked out a “Code of Conduct for Suppliers”, which describes what FREJA considers to be correct business morals and ethics for all significant suppliers handling transports for FREJA.

    Code of conduct


    We have implemented an internal anonymous whistleblower program, where employees and others can report violations of FREJA’s policies and guidelines through our website. An external provider manages the program to ensure anonymity for our employees.

    Should you wish to use our anonymous whistleblower program, you can do so here:


    Focus areas

    Sustainable transport is in the heart of FREJA. We are dedicated to first-class services and a reduction of the environmental impact of our freight forwarding solutions and related activities.

    Without dedicated and committed employees, we will not be able to achieve high customer satisfaction, engagement on environmental actions, nor a solid trustful and reliable staff.

    Responsible procurement, solid supplier qualification, and awareness of our Code of Conduct and our whistleblower service shall mitigate anticorruption, and embrace equality and human rights.

    FREJA is certified according to the following standards

    Calculate CO2 emissions

    Sustainability is important to FREJA. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to calculate the CO2 emissions from your transportation activities with FREJA.

    To use the calculator, you only need the total transported payload (kg) and the distance from consigner to consignee (km).

    The calculator is based on the EN 16258 standard and provides average values. However, it gives you a good estimate of the CO2 emissions from your transportation activities.

    If you have any questions in connection with the CO2 emissions or other issues related to our environmental efforts, you are most welcome to contact us.

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