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    Flat Rack Container


    Flat rack container

    What is a flat rack container?

    A flat rack container is typically used for transporting cargo with unique dimensions. A flat rack container only has sides on the short side of the container and is open on the long side, so there is space for the cargo to stick out on the sides during transportation. The containers are made of steel and come in 20′ and 40′.

    Size and capacity of a flat rack container

    Below dimensions reflect the majority of containers available. The specific dimensions and capacities can vary and depends on different parameters such as the age of the container and the container manufacturer.

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    20′ flat rack container

    Tare weight
    2,360 kg
    5,203.8 lbs

    Payload capacity
    30,140 kg
    66,458.7 lbs

    Height Bottom
    0.648 m
    2′ 1.5″ ft

    Internal length
    5,94 m
    19.5 ft

    Internal width
    2,35 m
    7.7 ft

    Internal height
    2,35 m
    7.7 ft

    40′ flat rack container

    Tare weight
    5,000 kg
    11,025 lbs

    Payload capacity
    40,000 kg
    88,200 lbs

    Cubic capacity
    62.2 m3
    2,195.7 cu ft

    Internal length
    12,13 m
    39.8 ft

    Internal width
    2.40 m
    7.9 ft

    Internal height
    2.14 m
    7 ft

    40′ flat rack high cube container

    Tare weight
    5,900 kg
    12,900 lbs

    Payload capacity
    49,100 kg
    108,350 lbs

    Max cross capacity
    55,000 kg
    121,250 lbs

    Internal length
    11,652 m
    38.2 ft

    Internal width
    2,245 m
    7.37  ft

    Internal height
    2.265 m
    7.43 ft

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