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    Check your CO2 footprint with FREJA’s new online tool: FREJA Footprint Analyzer

    At FREJA Transport & Logistics, we are constantly exploring various sustainable transportation modes. We make an effort to optimize our environmental efforts aiming to make a meaningful contribution to the collective fight against climate change. We invest in training our employees, empowering them to integrate environmental considerations into their daily work.

    We also want to help our customers and business partners incorporate CO2 footprint into their supply chains and integrate the environment into their solutions. Therefore, we introduce the FREJA Footprint Analyzer.

    With this tool, you can get an overview of your company’s CO2 footprint throughout the transportation process. You can immediately see what happens to your CO2 footprint when you change the mode of transportation between trucks, HVO trucks, trains, and ships, and what happens to the footprint when you mix different modes of transportation in new ways.

    While FREJA’s Footprint Analyzer doesn’t provide precise values, it offers valuable insights into the relative differences between these transportation modes based on existing FREJA data. The tool allows you to explore diverse solutions and optimize your CO2 footprint across your entire supply chain.

    Experiment with different scenarios and engage with us for precise CO2 calculations tailored to your transportation solutions. FREJA's Footprint Analyzer can support your business with the following:

    • Get an overview of your CO2 footprint
      Understanding your supply chain’s CO2 emissions is the first important step in achieving your environmental goals.
    • Optimize your supply chain
      Find the right balance between CO2 footprint, costs, service levels, and risk.
    • Calculate potential emissions compensation
      Once you know your CO2 footprint, you can calculate how much you need to invest in environmental projects to compensate for your CO2 emissions.
    • Sustainable fuel
      Benefit from our knowledge of green fuels and reduce emissions without changing your operations. For example, see what happens if you switch from trucks to HVO trucks.

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