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    Chinese New Year 2024

    As the Chinese New Year approaches, set between February 10 and February 16, it is a good idea to plan accordingly. Most factories typically close one week before the celebrations and may remain closed for 1-3 weeks afterward.

    If you are importing from China, please consider the following

    • Ensure orders are placed well in advance to accommodate factory closures
    • Plan ahead with your freight forwarder as schedules and available capacity may be affected
    • Check when factories resume operations again after the holiday period

    Impact on freight rates

    During this period, you might experience a significant price increase due to rising demand. Furthermore, the current situation in the Red Sea has added extra pressure on capacity and containers, resulting in longer transit times, additional surcharges, and increased freight rates.

    We recommend our customers book well in advance during this period to avoid delays or disruptions in their supply chains. Moreover, a sea-air solution could also be relevant for your company. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local contact at FREJA or David Nielsen, Head of Business Development Air & Ocean, if you wish to explore how we can support your business.

    General shipping tips for the Chinese New Year

    1. Pre-plan Deliveries
      Coordinate in advance with suppliers and freight forwarders.
    2. Avoid Short Notice Orders
      Try to minimize last-minute orders.
    3. Advance Booking
      Book transports early—ideally 2-3 weeks before departure for sea freight.
    4. Terminal and Warehouse Congestion
      Expect congestion around the New Year; verify sailing plans for LCL movements.
    5. Consider Alternatives
      For urgent deliveries, consider a sea-air solution, but schedule flights a few weeks ahead.
    6. Confirm Schedules
      Recheck and confirm schedules with all involved parties before the holiday period.