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    Corona – requirements of a negative test

    Update 18.03.21

    The travel restrictions when entering Germany from the Czech Republic, Tirol in Austria and Moselle in France have been extended to 31st March 2021.

    Update 04.03.21

    The travel restrictions when entering Germany from the Czech Republic and Tirol in Austria have been extended to 17th March 2021.

    Update 01.03.21 – now it is also required to test when entering Germany from Moselle in France

    On 2nd March 2021 Germany will add the area of Moselle in France to the list of special areas. This means that anyone (including truck drivers) who has visited the area within the past 10 days will need to present a negative Covid-19 test in order to enter Germany.

    Update 23.02.21 - challenges due to strict travel restrictions in Europe

    Because of the various Covid-19 mutations in Europe, we experience intensified restrictions from different governments when traveling into a country, and now it also applies for traveling in transit.

    Sunday the 14th of February, 2021, the German authorities introduced the requirement to present a negative Covid-19 test when entering the country from Tirol, the Czech Republic, or Slovakia. Immediately, this created large delays at the border crossings, and many drivers were directed to alternative routes.

    Due to this, we had to drive longer distances in week 7, take alternative routes or make detours to visit pop-up Covid-19 test centers where the driver had to take a paid test. In addition to this, we have had significant waiting hours in our efforts to keep the transports moving.

    In week 8, we still face challenges, and we predict ongoing regional problems, which makes it necessary to make quick decisions in order to secure the supply chain.

    The transports affected will be added a Covid-19 surcharge/share of our costs in relation to the increasing problems. We encourage our customers to follow the media coverage of mutations and new restrictions in Europe as things escalate quickly at the moment.

    Update 16.02.21

    These days, we experience significant obstacles related to transport to/from/through Germany since the German authorities have imposed new restrictions. It is time-consuming for foreign truck drivers to register and take a test, and at present, all truck drivers are requested to present a negative Covid-19 test, which is maximum 48 hours old, before they are allowed to enter Germany if they have stayed in one of the high-risk areas within the past 10 days.  We especially face major delays from the Czech Republic to Germany, but also other border crossings are affected.

    Wherever possible, we use alternative routes, but the situation changes from day to day. Therefore, we are to a large extend forced to suspend our ordinary transit times to/from the countries involved.

    We encourage our customers to stay in close contact with your contact person in FREJA.

    Update 15.02.21

    We have been informed that the German authorities have imposed new restrictions valid from Sunday the 14th of February, 2021.

    According to the new requirements, you must present a negative Covid-19 test in order to enter Germany if you have stayed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, or Tirol in Austria within the past 10 days.

    We are currently investigating the consequences of the new restrictions, and we also try to find out if any exceptions apply.

    Consequences of the present restrictions might be:

    • Delay in transports to/from the countries mentions, including transit through the countries/regions mentioned
    • Costs may occur if we are not able to conduct the transports according to freight agreements

    We will inform/update as soon as we have further information