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    Coronavirus/COVID-19 Status

    FREJA is keeping the supply chains running despite the COVID-19 situation, but unfortunately,  disruptions are unavoidable.

    The coronavirus is spreading fast all over Europe, and the situation is changing more or less every hour. During the last few days, several countries have made large restrictions, which most likely will continue in many other countries across the world.

    In FREJA, we are as prepared as we can be for the current situation, and two weeks ago, we implemented our COVID-19 contingency plan. Our management directs all key activities during this period to the entire organization, which means that all staff is working in a safe environment and following all the instructions from the local national authorities such as working in small scale teams or virtually from home. Even under these very critical circumstances, the entire organization is ready and fully committed to serving our customers 24/7, and we will continue to make the necessary changes needed.

    Several countries have implemented heavy control by the borders, and we have already seen delays. At the same time, many countries are making significant local restrictions to the daily business, to minimize the number of people getting infected. In the Nordics, we have experienced that multiple ferry routes have been canceled. The above means that our current services are less flexible and we expect longer transit times, which unfortunately will have an impact on our capacity. We will do our utmost to find alternative solutions to secure that the transportation flow stays intact.

    Since this is an extraordinary situation and therefore also a very challenging time for all, we recommend you stay updated on, and as always you are welcome to reach out to your local contact person in FREJA, who as usual is ready to serve you.