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    Update Germany 18.03.21

    The travel restrictions when entering Germany from the Czech Republic, Tirol in Austria and Moselle in France have been extended to 31st  March 2021.

    Update Germany 04.03.21

    The travel restrictions when entering Germany from the Czech Republic and Tirol in Austria have been extended to 17th March 2021.

    Update Germany 01.03.21

    On 2nd March 2021 Germany will add the area of Moselle in France to the list of special areas. This means that anyone (including truck drivers) who has visited the area within the past 10 days will need to present a negative Covid-19 test in order to enter Germany.

    Update Germany and the consequences in Europe in general 23.02.2021

    The tightened travel requirements, which also apply to traveling in transit, have imposed large extra costs to FREJA. Therefore, we have to impose a Covid-19 surcharge on the transports affected. To read more [click here]

    Update Germany 16.02.2021

    These days, we experience significant obstacles related to transport to/from/through Germany because of the new German requirement of presenting a negative Covid-19 test which is maximum 48 hours old. We encourage our customers to stay in close contact with their contact person in FREJA.

    Update Germany 15.02.2021

    New restrictions require everyone to present a negative Covid 19 test in order to enter Germany if you have stayed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Tirol in Austria within the past 10 days.

    Update the UK 08.01.2021

    At the moment we experience disturbances regarding the traffic from the UK to Denmark. The reason is a combination of Brexit and Covid-19. In particular, we have difficulties with the customs clearance procedure. Due to the Covid-19 lock-down we see that the customs authorities are not able to meet the necessary guarantees in connection with the issue of T-documents.

    The transport business has requested to raise the guarantees, but the customs authorities have not even processed applications handed in months ago.

    We regret the inconvenience this might cause our customers. However, this is out of our control. We encourage you to contact your normal contact person in FREJA for further information.

    Update the UK 20.12.2020

    The boarder to and from the UK is temporarily closed for travelers including lorry drivers because of the finding of a new Covid-19 cluster. Unfortunately, this will cause substantial delays to the goods transportation.

    Update Holland & Germany 15.12.2020

    Holland has announced a lockdown starting 15 December 2020 and lasting until 19 January 2021. Germany has announced a lockdown starting 16 December 2020 and lasting until 10 January 2021.

    Because of these lockdown, we kindly ask our customers to assure that customers/suppliers in Holland and Germany will stay open for receipt of goods or collection before FREJA initiate collection or delivery.

    So far, price agreements are still valid to the extend we are able to carry out delivery and collection and as long as the distribution systems still function as usual.

    However, it is only essential businesses which are allowed to stay open during the lockdown in Holland and Germany. Examples of businesses which stay open are supermarkets, grocery shops, transport- and logistics companies, pharmacies, opticians, doctors and health services.

    In case FREJA experiences problems with already booked or initiated transports, which we will not be able to collect or deliver as planned, we will have to invoice the customer any extra costs.

    Update Greece 09.11.2020

    On November 7th, Greece has introduced new restrictions in line with the restrictions we experienced in the spring 2020.

    Large part of the retail business as well as restaurants have closed down and a curfew has been reintroduced. At first, these restrictions apply for three weeks starting 7th November 2020.

    FREJA will follow the situation closely and questions may be addressed to your normal contact person.

    Update the UK 08.11.2020

    The transport of cargo is now affected by the travel restrictions which the UK government has imposed on Denmark. Drivers, who are non-British residents or who have been in Denmark during the past two weeks, are not allowed to enter the UK. British Nationals and residents – including HGV drivers – who have been to Denmark during the past two weeks may enter but must self-isolate.

    Furthermore, passenger ships and ships carrying accompanied freight arriving directly from Denmark may no longer dock at English ports. On November 8, the British authorities have announced that the exemptions to the travel restrictions for HGV drivers no longer apply.

    This will create disturbances and extra costs may occur in relation to the transport to and from the UK.

    Update Denmark 06.11.2020

    The Danish authorities have decided to close down seven councils in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark until 3rd December 2020. The councils are Hjørring, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Jammerbugt, Vesthimmerland, Thisted and Læsø (postal codes DK7700-DK7790 and DK9100-DK9990). It is still possible to collect and deliver cargo to the area and it is possible to transit the area. However, citizens living in the area are restricted to stay within their own council.


    Red area are included



    Update France, Spain and Portugal 30.10.2020

    As of today, France will impose new sanctions like the ones they had during the spring.

    Large parts of the retail and the restaurant business will close down and a curfew will be introduced. So far, these sanctions run until December 1st.

    In Spain and Portugal they expect to introduce similar national restrictions soonest.

    FREJA will follow the situation closely and any questions may be addressed to your ordinary contact person.

    Update ferry lines Norway 22.10.2020

    Fjord Line will reduce the ferry traffic between Denmark and Norway on 28th October.

    Click here for a full overview of the changes.

    Update Denmark - Norway 15.06.2020
    As of today, the shipping lines are allowed to board passengers again. At the same time, they will go back to the ordinary timetable which means that the traffic is almost back to normal.

    Update 30.04.2020

    During May 2020 we expect that the restrictions in most of the European countries will be adjusted regularly. For example a number of companies in Italy will go back into production on May 4.

    Because the situation may change from day to day, we encourage you to contact your normal contact person in FREJA for more information.

    Update 02.04.2020

    Below mentioned restrictions in Italy has been prolonged till 13th April 2020

    Update 24.03.2020

    The Italian government has announced that during 25 March 2020 to 4 April 2020 only essential companies are allowed to maintain their production.

    Companies, which are considered to be essential in Italy, includes food, drinks, medical/pharmaceutical products, chemical products, paper and textile to be used in the health sector and agricultural products. This means that transport of the before mentioned products is also classified as essential.

    In Spain, Portugal and France we see similar challenges in the execution of transportation of cargo because of restrictions, however at the present it does not effect specific sectors.

    Therefore, in this force majeure situation it is not possible for us to offer our traditional transport solutions, but we will try to find individual, alternative solutions.

    For further information please contact your ordinary contact person in FREJA.

    Update 18.03.2020

    Following the actions by the EU governments to contain the spreading of COVID-19, the disruptions will unfortunately escalate.

    We are currently experiencing challenges in delivering goods, as the recipient cannot receive the goods for various reasons. If that situation arises, FREJA will return the goods at the expense of the freight payer if alternative solutions cannot be agreed upon.

    We are also experiencing delays on European borders, and several ferries and planes have stopped operating as passengers can no longer travel. All of this affects our operating costs, which in some cases are changing by the hour. Therefore, we see the need to pass on our costs.

    FREJA is doing everything we can to maintain the supply chains, and we recommend you to be in close dialogue with our employees.

    We are in a force majeure situation that is evolving day by day.

    Update 16.03.20

    FREJA is keeping the supply chains running despite the COVID-19 situation, but unfortunately,  disruptions are unavoidable.

    The coronavirus is spreading fast all over Europe, and the situation is changing more or less every hour. During the last few days, several countries have made large restrictions, which most likely will continue in many other countries across the world.

    In FREJA, we are as prepared as we can be for the current situation, and two weeks ago, we implemented our COVID-19 contingency plan. Our management directs all key activities during this period to the entire organization, which means that all staff is working in a safe environment and following all the instructions from the local national authorities such as working in small scale teams or virtually from home. Even under these very critical circumstances, the entire organization is ready and fully committed to serving our customers 24/7, and we will continue to make the necessary changes needed.

    Several countries have implemented heavy control by the borders, and we have already seen delays. At the same time, many countries are making significant local restrictions to the daily business, to minimize the number of people getting infected. In the Nordics, we have experienced that multiple ferry routes have been canceled. The above means that our current services are less flexible and we expect longer transit times, which unfortunately will have an impact on our capacity. We will do our utmost to find alternative solutions to secure that the transportation flow stays intact.

    Since this is an extraordinary situation and therefore also a very challenging time for all, we recommend you stay updated on, and as always you are welcome to reach out to your local contact person in FREJA, who as usual is ready to serve you.

    Update 12.03.20

    Last night the Danish government announced a line of new initiatives to prevent the spread of the Corona virus which, unfortunately, has spread rapidly amongst the Danish population.

    Naturally, in FREJA we follow the recommendations from the Danish government to avoid the spread of the virus amongst customers and employees.

    At the time of writing, we have no cases of the Corona virus, and we have already initiated steps to protect our employees and drivers.

    In FREJA we consider it a civic duty to maintain the security of supply and we consider ourselves  to be an important player in the supply chain.

    However, this is a force majeure situation which means that if we end up having problems with the capacity, we will be forced to prioritize specific sectors.

    Therefore, we predict that irregularities may occur.

    We thank you for your understanding in this situation. For further information please call you normal contact person in FREJA.

    Update 11.03.20

    Austria: The travel guide for Austria has been updated. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark now advises against any non-necessary trips to the skiing area Ischgl in Tyrol and all non-necessary trips to the rest of the province.

    Spain: The travel guide for Spain has been updated. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark now advises against any non-necessary trips to the regions of Madrid, the Basque country and La Rioja.

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    Update 10.03.20

    Italy: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark now advises against any non-necessary trips to Italy. However, the transport and delivery of goods is still allowed.

    Austria: As of today the Austrian authorities have introduced random check of symptoms/fever when entering from Italy. This may cause delays in FREJA’s transit times.

    Update 08.03.30

    The situation has been further tightened since Italy’s Prime Minister has decided to close down Lombardy and several other regions in Northern Italy. The latest directions says that nobody is allowed to travel in and out of Lombardy as well as 14 provinces in 4 regions which includes cities such as Venice, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Rimini. Any trip into the area requires a special permit related to health issues or work.

    Click here to see map of the affected areas

    The transport of cargo is not included in the restrictions at the moment, but we expect delays in delivery.

    Update 07.03.20

    We expect increasing delays in our operation, as the Czech administration with a warning of less than 24 hours on 07.03.20 has ordered everybody who returns to the Czech Republic after a stay in Italy, to go into 2 weeks’ quarantine.

    On some routes to and from Italy, FREJA has a change of driver in the Czech Republic. Therefore, this will affect our transit time.

    We regret the inconveniences this may cause and hope for your understanding since this matter is outside our control.

    For further information, please contact your normal contact person in FREJA.


    Please be informed that because of the spread of the Coronavirus in Europe we might face challenges and delays.

    Right now, cities in northern Italy in Lombardy and the Veneto Region have been shut down. This may be widened which in that case might affect the production and distribution in those areas.

    We encourage our customers to follow the development via the media, and we will inform on our web site in case our production in Europe will be affected significantly.