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    Environmentally friendly transport, new logistics facility in Jönköping and a new product – FREJA Sweden newsletter

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    Dear reader

    Welcome to FREJA’s first newsletter of 2023. In this issue, we share what is happening within our operations in the transport and logistics industry. For nearly two years, we have worked with three mergers and are today a unified FREJA Sweden. The planned synergies, including the merger, have been implemented according to plan.

    In our development forward, we have designed a completely new online service and offer a comprehensive last mile concept called “FREJA HOME” for private deliveries. We are proud that it is finally in place and that we can now meet our customers’ needs to a greater extent.

    In addition to developing our services, we are expanding our logistics operations in Jönköping. The capacity will quadruple, which means a major investment in the Swedish logistics market going forward.

    Within FREJA, we are constantly working on the development of environmentally friendly transport. It is an extremely important area for us, and we work hard to reduce our footprint on the environment. Later this year, our new updated ESG report will be released.

    We wish you all a very happy summer.

    Morten Dreyer

    Optimized sustainability work between FUCHS and FREJA

    We are constantly working to find new solutions to optimize our transport and capacity and to reduce our footprint on the environment. We have started a collaboration with FUCHS where we put focus on environmentally friendly transport. FUCHS is a global group with roots in Germany, and they are one of the world’s leading lubricating oil companies.

    FREJA now drives goods daily from FUCHS’s warehouse in Västerhaninge, just outside Stockholm, to our Nordic neighbor countries. FUCHS and FREJA have already taken big steps forward in sustainability work. The first major step is our daily transport between Stockholm and Oslo, Norway, which now runs on HVO100.

    “With HVO100, we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 90 percent compared to regular diesel. It also results in lower particle emissions”, says Søren Skive, vice president of FREJA Sweden.

    HVO stands for Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and is an advanced renewable fuel for diesel engines. It is often used to mix up regular diesel when you want to reduce the environmental impact, and with HVO100 the fuel is 100 percent renewable.

    For those who really want to minimize their climate impact and optimize the sustainability of their transport, you really need to put in an effort. For FUCHS and FREJA, it is not enough that all of FREJA’s transports is done with HVO100, but together we have also looked at everything from the choice of trucks to load optimization – and that gives results.

    “By also looking at which cars we drive with, and how we load them, we have managed to halve the amount of transport on the Norwegian route without reducing our level of service to customers”, says Magnus Stolt, who is responsible for storage and distribution at FUCHS. He continues: “Earlier we drove two cars a day to Norway, but now we manage with one, and we can see that it makes a big difference! Our ambition is to become more environmentally friendly, and FREJA is a valuable partner in that effort”.

    “At FREJA, we wish to drive more environmentally friendly transports, but we cannot do it ourselves. It is important to have partners who want the same, and who are willing to pay for it, and FUCHS wants that. We are happy to be able to cooperate with a partner like FUCHS, and we look forward to continuing the work of introducing HVO100 trucks also on their routes to Denmark”, says Sören Skive.

    Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we at FREJA can help your business with more environmentally friendly transport.

    FREJA now offers private deliveries with ”FREJA HOME”

    One of our newest products is private deliveries within the entire Nordic region. FREJA is happy to announce that we have expanded our product portfolio and now offer a full European (Scandinavian) B2C – Last mile setup, where we transport everything from small packages to spa baths throughout Scandinavia, and everything else you can imagine within the B2C segment, with full service in all Nordic countries.

    FREJA Transport & Logistics AB, offers delivery to the Service point or directly to the recipient’s address with delivery, assembly and return of packaging/old product as an option.

    Your customer chooses the delivery option that suits them best, and the price is displayed directly in the booking module. We bring the goods all the way from you to the customer, and this applies to all kinds of goods, from small interior details to large furniture. With Track & Trace, the sender and receiver can easily follow the goods in real time.

    “In recent years, we have worked very hard to create a B2C – Last mile concept that covers all of Scandinavia, and we are happy to finally be able to offer this service to our customers”, says Benjamin Neuman, Business Development Manager FREJA Transport & Logistics AB.

    Contact our FREJA HOME specialists to learn more:

    New logistics property in Jönköping of 20,000 square meters

    During the spring, we made a press release that FREJA is building a new logistics property in Jönköping. The decision about the expansion is partly based on a desire to expand in the region. Jönköping is an important point in Sweden for our setup, and the development and increase in volume made us outgrow our current property.

    “FREJA is looking forward to now being able to offer the necessary space for all the requests we receive in relation to the services we can offer both current and potential new customers”, says Morten Dreyer, CEO at FREJA Transport & Logistics AB

    The property company, Tosito AB, has received the assignment to build the 20,000-square-meter property. The lease is a so-called green lease, and the building will be environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad – Sweden Green Building Council. Construction is expected to start in the near future, and occupancy is planned for spring 2024.