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    FREJA acquires new trailers to cover increased demand

    FREJA has acquired 33 new trailers, and additionally 30 more during summer, to cover our ever-increasing demand for transport in Norway and internationally. The new trailers are both 2-temperature-controlled trailers, box trailers with and without side opening, as well as mega trailers.

    [caption id="attachment_25291" align="alignright" width="300"]Some of the new box trailers ready for use. Some of the new box trailers ready for use.[/caption]

    The trailer capacity has been under pressure the past year due to route changes and new processes in connection with the lockdowns in Europe. Even during these challenging times, FREJA has proven to be a reliable and safe transport partner, which has led to new customers and an increased number of assignments.

    It is important for us that our customers feel extra well taken care of when it comes to service at all stages, including pick-up and delivery. Both personnel and material should give our customers a good overall feeling and ensure that we handle their shipments in the best possible way.

    We often use sea connections, especially between Germany and Norway, because it is more environmentally friendly compared to road transport. This way, we move much of the traffic from the roads to the sea, which helps to limit CO2 emissions. We also make sure to use Norwegian vehicles with EURO6 engines to pick up the trailers in the Norwegian harbor. In addition to this, we often hire locals drivers with a fixed salary to enhance our service.

    As of the winter season 2020/2021, new rules apply to winter tires for all new heavy vehicles driving in Norway:

    A motor vehicle with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3,500 kg must have winter tires of the type 3PMSF (3 peak mountain snowflake) on drive axles and front steering axles. M&S (Mud and snow) tires can also be used on other axles.

    For safety reasons, FREJA Norway began implementing tires of the highest quality, 3PMSF tires, already in 2019.

    "We have a great responsibility for traffic safety when our trailers drive around on Norwegian roads, and we want to be the frontrunner when it comes to implementing solutions that aim at increasing road safety and reducing the chance of accidents," says Leif Haug, European Transport Solutions Director in FREJA Norway.