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    FREJA brings you the latest news from Q2

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    Dear reader

    Welcome to FREJA’s newsletter, in which we want to share with you what is happening in our part of the transport and logistics world.

    At the moment, we experience an increasing economic growth in society in general and an increased need for transportation services. Naturally, we find this to be good news, but we are also faced with some challenges. Unfortunately, new requirements and legislation, including special Danish rules for cabotage driving, means that there is a general lack of capacity, which makes it challenging to carry out customers’ needs for transportation. We constantly try to launch new initiatives to attract and retain hauliers in order for us to comply with the current and future demands.

    FREJA works actively with CSR matters. Being a transport & logistics company, we believe that we have a special responsibility to create a greener everyday life. We have recently presented our 2020 CSR report, and you can read more about this in our newsletter.

    The golf event “Made in HimmerLand presented by FREJA” was held under unusual circumstances this year because of COVID-19 restrictions, but in spite of that, we had four fantastic days in Himmerland the last weekend of May.

    In connection with the merger between FREJA and SDK, three colleagues from FREJA’s sales department have moved into the same office as SDK at their location in Esbjerg. Meet them in this newsletter.

    I hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter, and I wish all customers and partners a splendid summer.

    The introduction of new Danish cabotage regulations has caused a shortage of capacity

    Cabotage is a term used for domestic transports carried out by a means of transportation belonging to another country. Cabotage has been used for many years, but in 2021, new regulations were introduced in Denmark. The new regulations require that international drivers must be paid according to Danish salary standards. Moreover, the driver must present a valid employment contract and payslips if stopped at a checkpoint. Furthermore, all foreign hauliers must sign up online in a Danish register, and prior to any transport, the foreign haulier must list the following: date of the transport, the truck’s registration number, and personal data of the driver.

    Since April 1st, 2021, the Danish authorities have started to issue fines for drivers and hauliers who do not comply with the regulations 100% or make a mistake in the online registration. Unfortunately, this has imposed increased administrative burdens on the foreign hauliers and given them higher costs which they pass on to the forwarding company. In other cases, the foreign haulier chooses not to do cabotage driving in Denmark, and as a consequence, we need more Danish trucks to handle the transportations.

    However, the capacity of Danish hauliers and trucks is not sufficient to meet the demand, and therefore, we experience an increasing capacity shortage.

    We find it frustrating that rigid regulations and strict requirements have put us in a situation where we cannot fulfill our customers’ need for transportation. The overall desire to regulate the market for road transportations in the EU have been accounted for in the implementation of the EU mobility package, but unfortunately, the Danish special rules are an obstacle.

    We do all we can to keep on attracting and holding on to hauliers while simultaneously using our trade association to point out the issues to the authorities.

    We apologize for the development.

    FREJA strengthens local relations in Esbjerg with a new office

    In connection with the merger between FREJA Transport & Logistics Holding A/S and SDK A/S, three colleagues from FREJA have moved into the same office as SDK at the port of Esbjerg. Here, you can also find known Esbjerg companies within shipping and ship chartering such as Niels Winther Maritime and Juhl & Ehrhorn, which are also owned by SDK. The location at the port is the focal point for the city’s business community. In close collaboration with the other SDK companies, the goal is to create new synergies to offer complete solutions within transport and logistics.

    Kenneth Christensen, Senior Account Manager, Henrik Miche Pedersen, Senior Business Development Manager East & Central Europe, and Kasper Hansen, Sales Representative, have moved into the new FREJA office in Esbjerg. Together, they have more than 50 years of experience in the transport and logistics industry, and it is a deliberate choice that they will represent FREJA in Esbjerg. They have all settled down in Esbjerg and are active in the local community, especially the local sports community. Henrik is a member of the local cycling club ‘Team Motion’, whereas Kenneth and Kasper play golf in Esbjerg Golf Club. They are happy to develop FREJA in Esbjerg, and they believe that the location is the right choice.

    “With the new office, we form a development department for FREJA, where the purpose is to get closer to our current customers and increase our presence for new customers. We are available as the customers’ local partner on national and international transport and logistics solutions at competitive prices. We experience that the people of Esbjerg appreciate the personal contact and are very supportive locally. That is why we are pleased that FREJA has opened a base in Esbjerg so that we can be even more accessible to customers and offer them one-stop shopping within transport and logistics”, says Kenneth Christensen.

    While many of the larger transport and logistics companies have moved out of the city, FREJA is instead looking forward to working from the new location, as Esbjerg offers many good business opportunities. The city is in the process of developing strongly commercial-wise, especially in the field of renewable energy.

    “There are many exciting companies, where we see a good match with FREJA and the competencies we can offer. We hope that we can create new customer relationships and good partnerships so that together we can contribute to each other’s development and in addition make Esbjerg even more attractive as a business city for companies”, says Kasper Hansen.

    With more than 35 years of experience in transport and logistics, FREJA can offer professional advice and sparring as well as create solutions based on the customer’s needs.

    “Over the years, FREJA has invested a lot in IT and technology. That means that we can offer many different digital services including web booking, track & trace, environmental reporting, and our very own Business Intelligence platform, MyFREJA, where our customers have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into their transport activities. In addition to this, we are also experts in IT integrations and offer advanced integration options tailored to our customers. We have more than 25 offices spread across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and China as well as a large network of skilled agents in Europe and the rest of the world. We also have a large fleet of vehicles that can cover every customer’s needs – large and small”, Henrik Miche Pedersen says.

    FREJA looks forward to establishing close customer relationships in Esbjerg, and we aim to create an even stronger foundation in Southwest Jutland as the customers’ preferred full-service provider within road, sea, and air.

    If you want to know more about how FREJA can help you, feel free to reach out to Kenneth, Henrik, or Kasper.

    FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S
    Dagvej 3
    DK-6700 Esbjerg

    FREJA presents CSR report 2020

    Social responsibility and sustainability are close to our heart, and we at FREJA are pleased to present the latest CSR report for the year 2020. This report marks the fourth CSR report for FREJA since 2017. In the report, we unveil the initiatives we have worked on in 2020 and the goals we have set to create a better environment and a more sustainable planet.

    As a transport and logistics company, we believe that we have a responsibility when it comes to ensuring a greener environment. Our industry is crucial for society, as we contribute to the transport of necessary goods such as medicines, food, and hygiene products, but the effect of this is that the transport sector is responsible for 24% of direct CO2 emissions from fuel combustion. Our critical role in society has been particularly crucial during the pandemic. We have worked hard to keep the supply chains going around the world, and this could not be done without all our professional and dedicated employees on the roads and in the offices.

    Despite the pandemic, we have maintained our focus on CSR and followed the planned strategy, as we do not believe that we can postpone our actions and efforts in this area. Since 2018, we have structured our work with CSR according to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Every year, we assess which areas we want to focus on, and in the year 2020, we worked with the following three SDGs:

    • 3) Good health and well-being
    • 8) Decent work and economic growth
    • 12) Responsible consumption and production
    The three SDGs that FREJA has focused on in 2020 (click on the picture to see it in full size)

    Orderliness and responsibility are some of the cornerstones of FREJA, and therefore it is important for us to create a healthy working environment and good working conditions for our employees and drivers. This is also reflected in the SDGs that we have chosen to work with.

    In the latest report, you can, amongst other things, read about what we do to create a good working environment, why rail freight is an environmentally friendly alternative to road transport, and how we have contributed to the fight against COVID-19.

    You can read FREJA’s CSR report 2020 here or watch the video to get an insight into some of our CSR initiatives.

    World-class golf in Himmerland, Denmark

    This year, the golf tournament “Made in HimmerLand presented by FREJA” was held under unusual circumstances. Usually, the four-day event attracts close to 80,000 spectator, but last year, the tournament was canceled due to corona, and this year it was in a very limited set-up.

    “Made in HimmerLand presented by FREJA” is a part of the PGA European Tour, and as the name indicates, FREJA was one of the main sponsors when the event came to Denmark in May. As the presenting sponsor, we could invite very few guests to see the event in Himmerland, and we took all necessary precautions to secure a safe environment.

    In spite of limits and restrictions, we had four exciting and eventful days. The best Dane was Niklas Nørgaard Møller, who finished in a shared 8th place. The winner was the defending champion Bernd Wiesberger from Austria. Bernd Wiesberger won by a total of 21 under par and secured himself important points at the world rankings, as well as the first price of almost DKK 2m.

    FREJA wants to thank the guests who visited our tent. We are sorry that we could not invite more customers to attend this year. Now, we can only look forward to 2022 and hope that this will be a year with lots of festivities and spectators along the course.

    Here are some pictures from the tournament (click on the pictures to see them in full size)