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    FREJA distances itself from claims of trade with Russia.

    We have been made aware of a video circulating on Twitter with a trailer with the FREJA logo. The Video shows a trailer supplying Russian troops with supplies.
    The lorry has no connection to FREJA. We would like to emphasize that FREJA strongly distances itself from Russia`s invasion of Ukraine and has no trade with Russia.

    The trailer that appears in the video is neither operated nor used by FREJA. It was previously leased by FREJA, but the leasing agreement ended in January 2012. The trailer was therefore shortly afterward delivered back to the rental company, which has not removed FREJA's logo from the trailer. When returning a trailer, the rental company is obliged to neutralize the trailer - i.e. to remove the logo and name. This did not happen in this case, which is of course unfortunate.