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    FREJA Finland Exceeds Expectations: Achieves NPS Score of 74, Higher than Industry Average

    FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy's Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 74 is exceptionally high in the transport and logistics industry, where the international average NPS is 43. NPS is an international customer satisfaction metric based on the question, "How likely are you to recommend this company or product to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0-10?"

    A significant number of FREJA Finland's customers would recommend FREJA as their international transport service provider. Customers particularly appreciate FREJA's accessibility, expertise of staff, problem-solving capabilities, and range of services.

    In 2019, FREJA achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 52 in the industry, according to a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Taloustutkimus, the leading market research company in Finland.

    Matti Urmas, CEO of FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy, expresses satisfaction with the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction at FREJA. While the company already had an excellent level of customer satisfaction, they have raised the bar even higher.

    "For us, customer satisfaction is a competitive advantage that requires daily effort. While many others invest in automating customer service, we focus on personalized customer service and training the people who deliver it. With systems you can optimize routes, but it is our people in customer service who add the most value to our customers," says Urmas.

    Urmas emphasizes that the industry has little price elasticity since imports and exports use the same ports and routes. Therefore, FREJA’s competitiveness is based on the quality of service rather than just price. Customers find FREJA superior precisely because of their service.

    Customer feedback highlights FREJA Finland's expertise and strengths, with words like flexibility and solution-oriented being frequently mentioned. Here are a few comments from customers:

    • "Highly competent operational department."
    • "FREJA’s strengths lie in their flexibility, finding solutions, and keeping promises."
    • "They can accomplish anything you ask."
    • "FREJA’s strengths are customer orientation and a small company mentality."
    • "FREJA has a fast response time."

    FREJA’s success is built on the professionalism of its staff. Studies have shown a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and market success, which holds true for FREJA. The company's growth rate in Finland has been remarkable, with a revenue of 87.4 million euros in 2020, which grew to 158 million euros in 2022. FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy ranks among the top ten companies in Turku in terms of revenue.

    In Finland, FREJA employs over 70 professionals in freight forwarding and transportation.

    Despite the many challenges faced in international road transport in recent times, FREJA has managed to retain its customers even during difficult periods.

    Urmas explains that during tough times, customers value flexibility and experience in international transport, which helps find better overall solutions for them.

    "FREJA shines in customer relationships that seek sustainable solutions and rely on strong industry expertise. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and port strikes, we have been able to find effective solutions for our customers. Our skilled staff plays a key role in providing high-quality customer service and keeping promises," says Urmas.

    "While our customer survey gave us high ratings for customer service, we are still relatively unknown in the industry. That's why in recent years, we have focused on building brand awareness and increasing awareness of our diverse range of services, which includes not only international road transport but also sea and air freight, as well as demanding thermo, special, and project transports. Now our service offering is better known, but the extent of our global transport network is still somewhat unfamiliar," adds Urmas.

    FREJA conducted a customer listening exercise in Finland in early 2023, receiving responses from 97 different companies. The survey was conducted by Melba Digital.

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