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    FREJA has a dynamic launch of 2022. The newsletter for Q1 2022 is here!

    FREJA has a dynamic launch of 2022. The newsletter for Q1 2022 is here!


    Læs på dansk

    Dear reader

    Welcome to FREJA’s first newsletter in 2022, where we would like to share what is happening in our part of the transport & logistics world.

    In July 2020, the EU adopted the so-called EU Road Package, which lays down rules for remuneration and working conditions for truck drivers. Read our views on the consequences for the transport sector.

    There is a shortage of space on the container vessels in the global market, but at FREJA we have secured a doubling of the amount of container allocations. We offer sea freight across the globe and are ready with competitive solutions.

    FREJA has launched 2022 with strategic acquisition of Swedish IRT Logistics AB. The acquisition strengthens our position on general cargo between Sweden and the UK and brings new opportunities.

    FREJA supports local sports associations. Read the article in the newsletter about Skanderborg Handball’s youth team, where the name FREJA adorns the player uniforms.

    We thank you for your interest in our newsletter and wish you a good read.

    Jan Sunde

    The EU Mobility Package will create better working conditions for truck drivers but unfortunately, transport buyers will experience increased transport costs

    In July 2020, the EU passed the so-called EU Mobility Package, which sets the standards for truck drivers’ salaries and working conditions. Some parts of the Mobility Package have been implemented in 2020 and 2021, and more steps have become effective in February 2022, such as the harmonization of salaries, changes in the tax systems, etc.

    The new regulations mean that the driver must be given the option to return home every four weeks. Furthermore, the vehicle must return to the country where it is registered every eight weeks. The travel costs related to the driver’s return to his home country must be covered by the employer.

    The rule regarding returning to the home country every eight weeks will most likely lead to a lack of truck capacity around Easter 2022, as the trucks will return home to change drivers. In addition to this, we can add the environmental impact that this rule will bring.

    Regarding resting related to the rules of driving and resting times, all rests lasting more than 45 hours must be held outside the truck, and it is required to have documentation for these rests. Finally, it is a requirement that the drivers are paid the same as national drivers in the country in which they drive.

    We find it positive that the EU creates common regulations regarding working conditions for drivers, but unfortunately, tightening the regulations increases the costs. Furthermore, many manual processes are required to meet the new regulations because the new digital unit, which should support the legislation, will be available in August 2025.

    FREJA will follow the development closely, and we will keep our customers informed about potential consequences.

    You may read more and have a graphical overview at our webpage [link]

    For more information, please contact your daily FREJA representative.

    FREJA doubles all sea freight capacity on containerships

    You can now secure a permanent allocation on container ships in our sea freight. FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S is fighting hard for its customers and has now succeeded in getting a large number of permanent allocations on the container vessels from 1 March 2022.

    FREJA’s strategic development plan within sea freight services is to strengthen us in collaboration with our customers and partners. We have now succeeded in negotiating an extended agreement on the permanent allocation of seats on the container vessels. Through proactive cooperation with our customers, our partners and not least FREJA’s other overseas departments in Europe and Asia, we can now provide an even better service even in the demanding period we are in.

    There is a shortage of capacity on containerships in the global market. Therefore, it is an advantage for our customers that FREJA has now doubled the number of sea freight capacity. FREJAs customers can now order permanent allocations which provides great predictability and a safe starting point for all FREJA’s partners. The capacity increase includes both import and export to and from Asia.

    FREJA offers sea freight to customers across the globe. Our teams in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and China consist of skilled and dedicated people who deliver flexibility and quality to FREJA’s customers. FREJA continuously develops our services to strengthen the supply and to ensure the stable and predictable solutions for our customers.

    In addition to the expansion of our permanent allocations, we have entered into a new agreement that provides us with very competitive solutions for sea freight to the United States.

    Contact us for more information about our services.

    FREJA launches strategic acquisition of Swedish IRT Logistics AB in 2022

    The acquisition of IRT Logistics brings new colleagues and a strengthened business area for groupage transport between Sweden and the UK to the fast-growing Danish logistics company FREJA.

    To strengthen the competencies of road transport of groupage between Sweden and the UK, FREJA has invested in the Gothenburg-based niche logistics company IRT Logistics.

    “IRT Logistics has been on our radar for a long time, and now the time was right for us to enter into an agreement. It is an acquisition that will strengthen our business considerably on groupage transports between Sweden and the UK. At the same time, both existing and new customers will experience that the new customer-facing IT solutions that a company of FREJA’s caliber brings to IRT Logistics, will strengthen the services they demand”, says Søren Skive, EVP in FREJA Transport & Logistics AB.

    Founder of IRT Logistics, Björn Steenstrup, is also pleased to know that his life’s work will continue under FREJA.

    “For a long time, we have considered FREJA a qualified partner to run our company with the right visions, and now it was time. This year, we were able to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and it seemed an appropriate time to pass on the torch to someone who shares our values ​​and who can and will further develop the company that we have built”, says Björn Steenstrup.

    IRT Logistics itself has been on a growth journey with a 65 percent increase in the annual result over the past five years, and it is acquired with an expected annual turnover of SEK 45 million. All nine employees in IRT Logistics will continue under the new ownership.

    The growth journey continues in 2022

    The acquisition of Swedish IRT Logistics is the third acquisition under FREJA Transport & Logistics in 2021, and it is the latest addition to FREJA’s growth journey. Since the two logistics companies merged in December 2020, the journey has included a partial acquisition of the Danish company Nordic Waste and three acquisitions of logistics companies throughout the Nordic region: Finnish TL Trans, Norwegian Thoresen Transport, and now Swedish IRT Logistics.

    It is this acquisition approach that will ensure continued growth towards FREJA’s goal of a total turnover in 2025 of DKK 8-10 billion.

    “We expect an increasing need in the market for one-stop-shop logistics services. By always being on the lookout for new partners and companies that can supplement and improve our services, we are well on our way to being the obvious choice”, says Ulrik Rasmussen, Group CEO of FREJA Transport & Logistics Holding A/S, and elaborates:

    “The most important thing in our acquisition strategy, however, will always be that we can find common ground between potential companies and ourselves in both values ​​and business. Logistics is a people business, and it is best built on trust and understanding. A motto that governs everything we do in our business”.

    FREJA is part of the Danish family-owned group United Shipping and Trading Company, USTC. An international conglomerate with a wide range of companies in areas such as logistics, shipping, bunker, IT, and alternative energy.

    The transaction price will not be disclosed.

    FREJA supports young Danish handball players in a new collaboration with Skanderborg Handball

    FREJA is proud to be represented by Skanderborg Handball’s youth team. In connection with their new suits for the 2022 season, FREJA’s logo can be found on the top of the young players’ backs. Skanderborg Handball has about 200 children and young people between the ages of 8 and 14 who will play handball in their new training suits.

    It is our pleasure to help create opportunities and joy for young aspiring players. FREJA is happy to be involved in the community and looks forward to participating in future events.

    Heidi Olivarius from the Youth Committee welcomes FREJA with open arms: “We are excitet about FREJA’s contribution to our association. It means a lot to our young players to get new suits. We hope that this is not the last time that we will have the opportunity to collaborate with FREJA.”

    Many organisations and sports clubs have been hit hard by the economy as a result of the restrictions in connection with the corona crisis. FREJA would like to help make a difference in Skanderborg as everything reopens. We see that many associations are facing challenges in terms of resuming their activities at the same level as before the pandemic. We hope that FREJA’s involvement will help create a difference.

    For FREJA, the local association life has always been important, and therefore we support local sports associations and sports clubs. FREJA is a family-owned company that has been around for over 35 years, and we are happy to commit to giving back to the local community.