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    FREJA introduces a unique ”real-time product” for Danish distribution

    After having implemented fleet management and track & trace in the international traffics in 2011 and 2012, FREJA has now implemented full track & trace in our national distribution system. The system is not “just” the normal status reporting system, but a “real time” information about where the individual customer’s consignment is located right here and now. The unique thing is that the information is given “down to street level” with maximum 15 minutes’ delay. This means that the customer has easy access to see the location of his consignment at any time.

    FREJA has invested in scanners and printers which have been successfully installed and implemented. From February 1st 2014 PDA-scanners have been connected to all FREJA distribution trucks in Denmark. The cargo is scanned upon collection, at the terminal and upon delivery.

    FREJA offers their customers a track & trace product with full traceability all the way, as the system is attached to FREJA’s fleet management. All information is available to the customers via WEB in real-time.

    “It is a unique product which FREJA offers compared to the other products offered at the market” says Jens Henrik Olesen, Head of Department Domestic Denmark. He mentions an example: “The customer has the possibility of receiving signatures by email as soon as the cargo has been delivered. Furthermore, we can provide our customers with photo documentation in case of damages. An other unique service is our print service which means that if the customer does not have the possibility to print labels, this may be handled by FREJA’s driver at the customer.”