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    FREJA is testing Express Clearance

    Yesterday morning, a FREJA trailer drove with one of the very first express declarations through Svinesund customs. The driver drove right past all the queues and into the express lane at the green light, really pleased that all the goods have been confirmed customs cleared, and all document processing completed.

    FREJA is among the four selected pilot companies that have been allowed to test the new customs clearance service - Express clearance. Express clearance is a fully digital and automated border crossing solution that is being tested at Svinesund customs.

    «We at FREJA work continuously to make everyday life as simple as possible for our customers and contribute to development and innovation. The project is very exciting and will, in the long run, represent one of the biggest changes in the customs profession in recent times," says Lars Bemer, Manager Customs & IT at FREJA Transport & Logistics AS.

    The new service aims to reduce queues at the border and ensure better control of the flow of goods. In addition to this, the new solution offers customers great benefits through the immediate release of the goods upon receipt since you do not have a 10-day rule to comply with. Moreover, it creates greater predictability about the delivery time.

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