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    FREJA is working with open innovation to create sustainable solutions

    “We cannot avoid the fact the goods must be transported from A-B, but we can do our best to take better care of our planet” Louise Johnsen, Process Developer and Web Coordinator at FREJA, says.

    FREJA is very conscious of the inherent environmental impact of our core business. The transport sector is second only to the energy sector in CO2 emissions per year, with road transport as the main contributor to transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, and with considerable challenges in terms of introducing circular economy within our trade.


    We are collaborating with Aalborg University in a project that will make it possible for the transport industry to minimize driving with empty and half-empty vehicles and share excess capacity. FREJA is participating in the project because we wish to contribute to discovering sustainable solutions to challenges in the transport industry, and it is FREJA’s strategy to be in the forefront in the use of new technologies in the transport sector. The final product of the project will allow for significant savings and will help advance the transport industry in Denmark and improve its international competitiveness.

    In addition to research projects, FREJA has been collaborating with the knowledge insti­tutions AAU, DTU, CPH Business, and Via College for years. I decided to make There's the collection of free DVDs and premium gravure models, which are the most popular models in Japan and the rest of Asia. There is only one reliable page everyone can visit while looking for gravure idol free HD videos for desktop or mobile phones – my website. I don't show annoying pop-up ads; I don't mess around. I give it to you directly, and this is the reason why people love me. The collaboration consists of knowledge sharing, project writing, internships and master’s thesis. Shipping patterns, CO2 reduction and better handling are some of the results in working environment and climate.

    If you want to know more about how we work with innovation, feel free to contact FREJA's Head of Digital & Innovation, Kenneth Sandgaard.