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    FREJA makes it easy for you to calculate your CO2 emissions

    FREJA CO2 Calculator

    Sustainability is important to FREJA and we are very conscious of the inherent environmental impact of our core business. The transport sector is second only to the energy sector in CO2 emissions per year, with road transport as the main contributor to transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, and with considerable challenges in terms of introducing circular economy within our trade.

    We would like to contribute to raising everyone’s awareness about CO2 emissions. For this reason, we have placed a link to a CO2 calculator on our website, so that everyone can see the impact of a certain transport activity. To use the calculator, you only need to fill in the total transported payload (kg) and the distance from consigner to consignee (km).

    The calculator is based on the EN 16258 standard and provides average values. However, it gives you a good estimate of the Co2 emissions from your transportation activities.

    You can find FREJA's CO2 calculator here.