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    Freja Newsletter December 2016

    Dear customer / business partner

    Time does not stand still. We are approaching the end of the year and a new year will soon begin with all the opportunities, it can offer.

    In 2016, FREJA has invested in additional skills for our organisation, primarily in order for you to get an optimum service and assistance in your daily work and to ensure the best quality in our solutions for you.

    FREJA Denmark has signed the first warehouse agreements with Pharma customers for our Copenhagen Pharma facilities and we see an increased interest in this new product. Our Global Project Division has experienced growth and the interest for our Project solutions is continuously increasing. Furthermore, we have extended our Road Division.

    In the following you can read, how FREJA to an even greater extend can be of assistance and help you increase the value creation in the entire Supply Chain. Our new customer Scandi-Roc explain, why FREJA was chosen as sole supplier and partner and elaborate on their expectations to our partnership.

    All of us in FREJA want to thank you for your trust in us in 2016, which makes us both proud and humble. We will work dedicated to improve our quality and services so that we can continue to create value for you and your customers in the future.

    Enjoy the reading.

    Best wishes

    Ulrik Rasmussen
    Managing Director
    Direct: +45 9670 5330
    Mobile: +45 5234 5330

    Scandi-Roc chooses FREJA as sole supplier

    As of 1 January 2017, Scandi-Roc in Esbjerg will use FREJA Transport & Logistics as sole supplier for their total transportation activities.

    This is a natural step forward in a long-lasting cooperation on the international road transport. The new agreement means that FREJA will handle Scandi-Roc’s national transports with day-to-day deliveries all over Denmark and import of container commodities from the rest of the world.

    Scandi-Roc is a well-reputed Danish company, which has achieved a strong profile by focusing on niche products in concrete and natural stone, especially for the European swimming pool market. In recent years, Scandi-Roc has experienced a dynamic growth with focus on developing the product range and increasing export activities, today counting 20 European countries.

    Good service and One-Stop Shopping behind the decision

    For years, FREJA has managed the export for Scandi-Roc, primarily consisting of part load pallets to the European market. With the new task of import and export activities to 20 European countries, FREJA needs to have a strong partner network. This has been a main reason to the success of the cooperation in the past years.

    Behind the decision to choose FREJA for the national transport activities and the import of commodities lies a wish to optimise the internal processes in Scandi-Roc and to do One-Stop Shopping, enabling Scandi-Roc to focus primarily on developing the core business.

    ”We have been searching for a supplier to cover our total transportation needs since we use our transport system as an active sales parameter towards the market. Our strategy, which is based on Direct End-User Delivery to the entire European market, has made it difficult to find a sole supplier, who was able to deliver a complete and satisfying product”, says Thomas Jacobsen, owner of Scandi-Roc.

    ”After FREJA established an office in China in the spring of 2016, it made good sense to start the negotiations for an agreement to cover our entire transportation needs. We see FREJA as a dynamic company with excellent service, IT systems and customised solutions”, Thomas Jacobsen concludes.

    In FREJA, we are proud of and humble towards the trust from Scandi-Roc and we are looking forward to the extended future cooperation.

    If you have any questions to the above, please contact:

    Kenneth Christensen
    Senior Account Manager
    Direct: +45 9670 5031
    Mobile: +45 5234 5031

    FREJA Consulting – enhancing your business

    FREJA invests in customers’ supply chain challenges and contributes to optimisation by balancing the operational resources and market demands

    FREJA Consulting adds value to the process related challenges, which our customers experience in their daily operations. The consultants are able to identify the potential for improvements in the supply chain, focusing on cost efficiency and profitability. The potential is identified through setup and constellation of facilities, make-or-buy decisions, processing technologies and organisational adjustments.

    FREJA Consulting has been involved in specific cases regarding warehouse placement, distribution centre placement, mathematical calculations of logistical models, calculations of logistical flow of goods and consolidation across time, destinations and volume.

    The organisational development is analysed compared to outsourcing of the freight forwarding and customer service roles, e.g. logistical roles, which are related to warehouse, administration, coordination and information flows.

    FREJA Consulting offers optimisation consisting of synergy effects, where the customer will experience increased value creation and a higher utilisation of resources.

    The Consulting service provides a strong network with the consultancy business, research centres in Denmark and abroad, digital strategies and 4PL facilitation with focus on overview, coordination and a collected entrance to the customers supply chain.

    Closer collaboration paves the way for development

    With this new investment, FREJA aims to further-develop and extend the collaboration with our existing customers. At the same time, the service is part of the package when we commence discussion with new customers. It is highly important to us that FREJA Consulting contributes with growth and profitability to the customer’s business in order to increase value in their partnership with FREJA.

    We hope that our present and future customers will welcome this new initiative and let us challenge your existing Supply Chain solutions.

    If you have any questions to the above, please contact:

    Kenneth Sandgaard
    Head of Digital & Innovation
    Direct: +45 96 70 53 60
    Mobile: +45 52 34 53 60

    Strong clearance skills simplify and streamline the costumer’s working day

    The rapid development in our customer’s demands for clearance solutions has initiated new investments in FREJA’s customs clearance departments in Denmark and Norway.

    On this basis, FREJA can offer our customers flexible and efficient solutions based on strong skills within clearance. An area, which can be both complex and difficult for our customers to handle in their daily work.

    Recently, a FREJA customer experienced that one of their vehicles stranded at the border to Norway. Within half an hour, FREJA had contacted the clearance authorities at the border and issued the necessary documents to allow temporary import. The customer avoided paying customs and taxes and arrived at the destination on  time, without any extra costs.

    ”To let FREJA manage the clearance makes us more efficient. All requests are handled professionally and the people in FREJA are committed and helpful”, states Hanne Brix Johansen, Administration Manager at Stenger & Ibsen Construction.

    In FREJA Denmark the customs clearance department handles all round clearance assignments. In FREJA Norway, our customs clearance personnel is also specialised in clearance of food and pharmaceuticals. Thus, FREJA offers a wide range of clearance competences.

    Our flexible clearance personnel with approx. 20 dedicated experts are at our customer’s disposal every day. They offer guidance in regards to the new clearance regulations and optimisation of the customer’s processes as well as finding solutions to minimise costs related to the clearance assignments.

    Digital transition in the logistics business – and in FREJA

    Since the transport and logistics business is undergoing rapid changes driven by the increased technological opportunities and  customer demands in a highly competitive market, SmartLog invites you to ”Logistikkens Dag 2016”, a one-day conference with focus on the development in the business.

    SmartLog is the leading network in Denmark within smart and intelligent logistics solutions - a forum for knowledge sharing and knowledge exchange among companies and institutions in Northern Jutland.

    FREJA Transport & Logistics is already investing in the development by establishing research projects, which enable data-driven decisions based on knowledge. On this basis, Kenneth Sandgaard, Business Development Manager at FREJA, has been invited to give a presentation at “Logistikkens Dag”.

    In his presentation, Kenneth Sandgaard will give examples of FREJA’s innovative solutions as well as the challenges and opportunities, which the digital transition in the logistics business is creating. Furthermore, the presentation will mention, which data sources FREJA observes, how the information is collected, how the information is processed and how the information is made available.

    Sign up and participate free of charge in “Logistikkens Dag 2016” in Aalborg, where you get the chance to meet Kenneth Sandgaard from FREJA Consulting and to gain knowledge about the rapid technological development in the transport and logistics business. Find out more about the conference here:

    If you have any questions to the above, please contact:

    Kenneth Sandgaard
    Head of Digital & Innovation
    Direct: +45 96 70 53 60
    Mobile: +45 52 34 53 60