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    FREJA Newsletter MARCH 2016

    A Great Start to 2016 for FREJA

    In FREJA we are already well under way with a new and exciting year. In this first newsletter in 2016 we would like to share some of the initiatives, which we have started in the beginning of the year.

    The opening of our new office in China will undoubtedly contribute to an improvement and a further development of our Global Project and Air & Sea products. In the light of our good experiences during many years on Pharma logistics in Norway, we have great expectations to our new logistics services to the Pharma market in Denmark. Likewise, we expect much from our membership of System Alliance Europa (SAE), which now enables us to offer even better groupage solutions.

    Finally, I hope that you will find the story about the changes in NSAB 2015 interesting and not least relevant.

    All in all initiatives, which we expect will create better solutions and thereby increased value for you as customer and partner.

    Enjoy the reading!

    Best regards

    Ulrik Rasmussen
    Managing Director

    FREJA opening in China

    It is crucial to FREJA to be able to support the increasing requests from customers on the global level. Therefore, the opening of FREJA CHINA in Shanghai is a strategically important decision to the FREJA Group.

    Maintaining quality is the key factor. You have to keep to your agreements, be open, honest and constantly comply with your customers’ wishes. In order to fulfil these promises, it is necessary for FREJA to invest and to develop our business continuously – our customers grow and move and we move with them - being constantly in motion, everywhere in the world.

    Mr. Leo Hu has many years of intensive and extensive project forwarding experience and he has been appointed General Manager of FREJA CHINA. As of 1 March, Mr. Leo Hu will be joined by Ms. Wang Jia as Project Manager and Ms. Bonnie Wu as Accounting Manager, both with extensive experience in the forwarding business.

    FREJA CHINA (NVOCC Registered) will be handling operations on projects / heavy lift as well as standard freight forwarding services. FREJA CHINA will also support the FREJA Group on customer relations management as well as sales activities. The office is located strategically in the city of Shanghai with easy access and high convenience for visitors.

    The FREJA CHINA office in Shanghai is in full operation as of 15 February 2016.*

    For further information, please contact:

    Jørgen J. Hansen
    Group CEO
    Direct: +45 9670 5101
    Mobile: +45 4019 5288

    Hongyi Niu
    Global Project Director
    Direct: +45 9670 5252
    Mobile: +45 5234 5252

    NSAB 2015 – what is behind and what is new

    In the beginning of November, the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders announced a new set of general conditions – NSAB 2015.

    Rightly, the latest issue should be named “The Freight Forwarders’ and their customers’ general conditions”. Actually, that is what it is – a set of rules, which has been developed and improved during the past 50 years by regular negotiations between the Nordic freight forwarders and a number of Nordic trade associations. This is rather unique on a global basis.

    Compared to the predecessor from 1998, NSAB 2000, the authors have succeeded to maintain the structure and the basic and principal elements of the conditions. At the same time, they have been able to modernise and adjust the conditions, so NSAB 2015 fulfils its role as a supplement to the laws and conventions that regulate the various forms of transportation (CMR-law, air traffic and sea law, etc.)

    The changes are rather modest, but include a number of very relevant clarifications of the forwarder’s as well as the customer’s responsibility and obligations. Among other issues, it includes the distribution of roles between the parties when loading or unloading; and the responsibility in connection with wrong labelling, wrong delivery as well as the new point – responsibility in connection with collection of goods. Other new points, which we have missed for a long time – regulations on electronic documents, confidentiality and information security.

    The basic conditions regarding limitation of responsibility, notice of claim and time-bar as well as the forwarder’s responsibility as contract party and provider continues unchanged.

    In FREJA we believe there is a good reason to congratulate the negotiators from both parties on a very successful result in their efforts to revise and renew the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders.

    For further information, please contact:

    Leif Pedersen
    Claims Manager
    Direct: +45 96 70 51 27
    Mobile: +45 23 20 26 69

    New player in Pharma logistics services in Denmark

    Did you know that FREJA has offered logistics services to the pharmaceutical industry in Norway since 2008? FREJA is responsible for storage and distribution of more than a third of all registered pharmaceutical products in Norway today.

    And did you know that FREJA handles customs clearance of most of the pharmaceutical products which is imported to Norway from main producers? And that FREJA offers GDP transports between the Nordic countries and the Continent?

    In December 2014 we decided that FREJA Denmark were to become a new neutral player in logistics services to the Pharma market in Denmark. We base this decision on good experiences acquire with customers in Norway through many years. In April 2015 FREJA invested in the qualifications to build up validated warehouses and systems to handle this, and in February 2016 FREJA in Denmark was licenced by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority to handle pharmaceutical products.

    It has been a goal-oriented journey towards a market demanding neutral players. FREJA is now ready to welcome you in our new GDP facilities with approved validated processes and qualified employees trained in GDP.

    Since our founding in 1985 we have in FREJA based our business on flexibility, commitment, presence, credibility and result orientation – on this foundation we also base our Healthcare & Pharma business in Denmark and Norway. FREJA is a flexible and customer oriented alternative to the other players on the market. We are humble in respect handling our customers’ products and we contribute to rethinking new solutions to the assignments given to us by our customers. Fundamentally, it all comes down to creating value for our customers.

    You may read about the experiences some of our customers have had here. Talk to our customers about our capability or contact us to discuss the possibilities for a future cooperation in the Healthcare & Pharma area.

    For further information, please contact us at or by calling

    Marina Steensen
    Group Healthcare Logistics Director
    Direct: +45 9670 5422
    Mobile: +45 2070 0612

    FREJA member of European transport & logistics alliance

    As of 1 January 2016, FREJA (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) is a full partner of the European groupage network: SYSTEM ALLIANCE EUROPE.

    System Alliance Europe is a cooperation of leading, medium-sized freight forwarders. The European transportation and logistics network stands for ground-breaking and innovative competences in the logistics industry. The groupage freight alliance defines itself through intelligent processes, dependency and its level of performance.

    Since its foundation in 2005, the cooperation has expanded consistently. Currently, the network consists of 61 highly efficient partners with 201 branches across 32 European countries.

    The core competence of the cooperation is the shipping of groupage freight. The product portfolio of the partners offers - besides the groupage freight - comprehensive logistics solutions for all needs.

    FREJA has offered a first class groupage service all over Europe in cooperation with the strongest and most reliable local partners over the years. The difference today is that with our System Alliance Europe membership we connect to the partners via a unique network with a pan-European area coverage and a second to none IT platform.

    Let FREJA handle your groupage consignments to and from Europe and they will be in safe hands and delivered just in time.

    For further information, please contact:

    Jørn K. Jensen
    Director European Network
    Direct: +45 9670 5010
    Mobile: +45 4019 1019