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    FREJA Newsletter – March 2020

    FREJA sends out the first newsletter of 2020.

    Dear reader.

    The year 2020 has started well, and on behalf of FREJA, I am pleased to welcome you to the first newsletter this year. FREJA’s largest venture in 2020 will be the opening of a new logistics center in Szczecin in Poland in May. The construction is well under way, and the capacity will be a warehouse with approx. 20,000 pallet places, where we will be able to offer a wide selection of services supported by a modern WMS system. On the site, we are also building welfare facilities for our drivers including accommodations for staying overnight.

    To manage the development FREJA has initiated in Poland, we have engaged Tomasz Cegielski. Tomasz started on February 1st as Managing Director, and in the present newsletter, you will find a closer presentation of Tomasz and his background. In connection with the employment of Tomasz Cegielski, former Managing Director, Torben Mortensen, has taken on a new role as chairman of the board for FREJA in Poland.

    In the present newsletter, you will also meet the team behind FREJA’s Danish Sea & Air department and get an overview of the solutions FREJA is able to offer in this field. Furthermore, you will find an article about the company HauCon A/S and their cooperation with FREJA.

    This year, FREJA is once again presenting sponsor at the golf event ‘Made in Denmark Presented by FREJA’ which will take place from the 21st  to the 24th  of May in Himmerland, Denmark. The event is expected to attract 80,000 spectators to what they call a celebration in red and white.

    I thank you for your interest in FREJA’s newsletter and hope you will enjoy reading it.

    Best regards

    Jan Sunde

    Managing Director

    Previous Managing Director in Poland, Torben Mortensen (left) welcomes Tomasz Cegielski as the new Managing Director. 

    FREJA welcomes new Managing Director in Poland

    On February 1st this year, FREJA welcomed Tomasz Cegielski, the new Managing Director in Poland. Tomasz has taken over from Torben Mortensen, who instead continues as Chairman of the board in FREJA in Poland, as well as Regional Director South Denmark.

    Tomasz Cegielski.

    On joining FREJA, Tomasz says: “I am incredibly pleased to have been given this opportunity at FREJA. I am proud to work in a company like FREJA, as they are one of the largest in the Nordic countries, and now also has several locations in my home country, Poland. I am truly excited to see what the future at FREJA holds”.

    Tomasz brings valuable competencies to FREJA, which he has gained from previous positions in Raben Logistics, DB Schenker, and most recently Geis. On top of that, he has a Master of Economics and he has studied Management & Marketing at the Academy of Poznan.

    “FREJA is pleased to have Tomasz on board, as he can contribute with relevant experience and knowledge from the industry. Together, we will focus on continuing the growth of FREJA in Poland, and we look forward to the opening of our brand new logistics center in Szczecin”, says Torben Mortensen.

    FREJA’s new logistics center opens in May. On nearly 8 hectares, we have built modern warehouses with a capacity of approximately 20,000 pallet spaces and parking lots for approximately 250 trucks. Not only will there be plenty of room for our customers’ goods, but we will also be able to offer a wide range of services such as handling, packaging, labeling, storage, and other value-added services, which will be supported by a modern WMS system.

    Contact your local FREJAN if you want to know more about your options with FREJA in Poland.

    HauCon A/S has delivered products to the Opera House in Copenhagen.

    Special products require flexible transport solutions

    HauCon A/S’s journey started in 1988 in a small workshop in Aarhus. Today, HauCon A/S is one of the leading distributors of special products and technical solutions for the construction industry and element factories in the Nordic countries, as they have delivered products to large, well-known projects such as the Øresund Bridge, AARhus, and the Opera House in Copenhagen.

    HauCon A/S strives to be the preferred partner in the construction industry by providing innovative solutions. To maintain their position in the market and increase growth, all parts of their supply chain must be carefully considered. For HauCon A/S, their partners must match their values and meet their high demands for service. FREJA lives up to these demands, which is why we were chosen as HauCon A/S’s transportation partner.

    “FREJA is a stable partner with deliveries every day. Our start-up process has been very good, and we have received training in their online system. Our contact person at FREJA, Kasper Hansen, has supported us with relevant feedback and good solutions, and we have been extremely pleased with this. Furthermore, FREJA is flexible, and they deliver on time, which is important in our industry and the reason why we chose them”, says Sandra Knudsen, Intern Seller/Purchaser at HauCon A/S.

    In the construction industry, changes can occur from day to day, which is why it is important with a partner who can keep promises and deliver the goods, even if changes occur.

    “For FREJA it has always been important to adapt to our customer’s needs and do our utmost to get the goods delivered no matter what. All partners need to work focused and dedicated for a collaboration to be successful, and FREJA has appreciated the clear communication and close dialogue there has been with HauCon A/S from day one”, FREJA’s Sales Representative, Kasper Hansen, explains.

    If you want to learn more about FREJA and find out if we are the right supplier for your business, please contact us to hear more.

    When you need to make it fly, we will make it fly for you. 

    FREJA handles your Air & Sea freight

    Did you know that FREJA  offers transport solutions by air and sea? We have done so for many years within the group, and in Denmark since January 2017, where we established our Air & Sea department as more and more of our clients were asking for services reaching beyond our well-known trucking services.

    Get to know the team

    Meet Hongyi Niu, Global Project Director, Torben Stenshøj, Airfreight Manager, and Mikkel Lübker Andersen, Ocean Freight Manager, who are running the Air & Sea department. Hongyi was amongst one of the people who helped establish FREJA’s Air & Sea department. He was hired by FREJA’s founder, Jørgen Hansen, back in 2015 and has since then also helped establish the Global Forwarding Services in FREJA. Torben started in FREJA in January 2017 and has been in this department since the very beginning. Torben started his career  back in 1981 and he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in his 39 years of working within this industry. Mikkel joined the team in 2018, and with the competencies, he has gained from being in this industry since 2002, FREJA formed a great team to approach the market as a full-service provider.

    From the left: Torben Stenshøj, Mikkel Lübker Andersen, and Hongyi Niu.

    Why choose FREJA on Air & Sea?

    Transportation by air and sea offers you alternative  solutions for transports that might not be smart by road. With our experience and knowledge, we can help assess if this way of transportation could be the right choice for your company.

    FREJA offers both LCL and FCL movements of goods to and from any destination in the world, and we are fully licensed with IATA, which allows us to prepare the relevant air freight transport documents, no matter where your shipments need to go to. We can also assist you with X-trade services if you need to move cargo directly from your supplier to your customer, as we are a member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA). WCA is the largest network of independent forwarding companies with nearly 7300 offices in 190 countries in 843 cities. The membership allows us to connect a well-known agent to handle your shipment, as moving shipments from one place to another without a trusted agent present, is challenging due to the complexity and regulations on this area.

    We are ready to help you with your needs. Contact Hongyi, Torben, or Mikkel anytime if you want to know more about what we can do for you, or go to our website to learn more.

    At last year’s ‘Made in Denmark presented by FREJA’, the Danish professional golfer, Thomas Bjørn, visited FREJA’s Lounge. FREJA’s founder, Jørgen Hansen, got to hold the Ryder Cup trophy.

    Experiences await you in Himmerland

    From the 21st to the 24th of May, 2020, Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort will once again host the  “Made in Denmark Presented by FREJA” event. As the name indicates, FREJA is presenting sponsor for the tournament, and we look forward to four days of world-class golf.

    “Made in Denmark Presented by FREJA” has been held in Denmark as a part of the European Tour since 2014. FREJA has participated each year, and we have followed the development of the event with great interest. The days in Denmark constitute one of the most well attended  and popular tournaments on the Tour, and the location in Himmerland is perfect with all the spectacular facilities the place has to offer. The courses are extremely audience-friendly with many fantastic spots from where it is possible to follow the players at close range.

    Each year, Himmerland sets up a so-called “Village” in a central location. The “Village” offers a lot of places to eat and more than 30 different exhibitors. In the “Village”, it is also possible to follow the game on giant screens and see live interviews with various personalities.

    FREJA would like to invite our customers to participate in this event. Therefore, if you are interested in a day-ticket, please contact Franz Andersen. The tickets are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

    HIGHLIGHTS: 1) Full house at Made in Denmark, 2) Danish professional golfer, Lucas Bjerregaard, tested FREJA’s putting green, 3) Nice view from FREJA’s VIP tent, 4) The winner of 2019, Bernd Wiesberger, and FREJA’s Jørgen Hansen with the trophy, 5) FREJA’s hole number 10.