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    FREJA Newsletter May 2016

    Fortunately, time does not stand still

    In the 86,400 seconds, which are available to each of us every day, we try to utilize in serving our customers in the best possible way. We are already halfway through the second quarter of 2016 and you hereby receive the latest news from FREJA, as briefly outlined below.

    Time is an important aspect as regards our newest product - FREJA Xpress and Courier service. The new solution meets the increasing requests from our customers to offer them express solutions, as transit time is crucial to timely delivery.

    Our groupage cooperation with System Alliance Europe has provided FREJA with a distribution system in more than 30 countries with more than 200 cross-dock terminals. In 2016, System Alliance Europe expects to have more than four million consignments in the distribution system.

    The project division in FREJA Denmark has recently managed a large project assignment with transport of heavy lift cargo from Finland via Holland to the Far East. An interesting case!

    We hope that you will find the information about the changes in the EU customs code relevant. If you have any questions to this matter, please feel free to contact us in order to have a dialogue about your needs.

    It is our aim to share relevant knowledge, which may have an influence on the cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we hope that you will find the newsletter informative and interesting. If you have comments or input in order for us to do it even better in the future, please let us hear from you via your contact person or directly to the undersigned.

    Enjoy the reading!

    Best regards

    Ulrik Rasmussen
    Managing Director
    Direct: +45 9670 5330
    Mobile: +45 5234 5330

    FREJA Xpress & Courier service

    We want to be Best-in-Class towards our customers and partners. This requires us to deliver the best solution at the right time and in the right place.

    Therefore, FREJA has spent the first quarter of 2016 to expand our existing portfolio in transport solutions. We are now able to offer a courier and parcel service to our customers in Denmark, the Nordic countries, Europe and worldwide.

    Our new product offers an Economy and an Express service, which gives our customers and collaborates an even stronger foundation for servicing their own supply chain in all corners of the world.

    The new courier and parcel service is built around strong partners which, among other features, gives us the possibility to offer track & trace on all transports as well as surveillance from our key account division of the customers’ express transports.

    FREJA’s new product also includes an express service of temperature-regulated transports (1-4 pallets) to and from all of Europe. Not only does this support our courier and parcel service but also our pharma segment, which gives FREJA a unique platform for being your partner for even more solutions in Denmark, the Nordic countries, Europe and worldwide.

    With the introduction of this new service, we will look forward to becoming an even stronger partner to our customers in Denmark as well as abroad.

    Goal achieved

    Since January 2016, FREJA is official partner of the cargo network System Alliance Europe (SAE) with the three subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Scandinavians reinforce the network with a total of 10 branches. Thus, the network came to a total of 1,803 regular traffic lines in January.

    The European groupage cooperation had set itself the goal to transport at least 3.9 million consignments in 2015. This goal was achieved – in total, 3,913,110 consignments were transported last year, representing nearly five percent increase over the previous year. The tonnage was 1,628 million tons.

    "We strive every year for more volumes – it is great that our goal for 2015 has been achieved. Also in 2016, we aim to further increase consignment numbers. According to the strategy paper, 4.1 million consignments shall be transported. We are sure that we will reach this goal, since the collaboration quota among partners grows organically," says Uwe Meyer, managing director of System Alliance Europe.

    Currently, the cooperation consists of 61 partners in 32 European countries with 201 branches.

    Jørn K. Jensen
    Director European Network
    Direct: +45 9670 5010
    Mobile: +45 4019 1019

    New Customs Code in the EU

    Over the years, FREJA has built extensive experience in the field of customs clearance. We constantly try to expand our knowledge and qualifications in order to serve and advise our customers in the best way possible.

    On 1 May 2016, the new EU Union Customs Code has replaced the previous code.

    In the following we offer you an overview of the most important changes:

    Temporary storage altered

    Temporary storage has been altered from 14 days to 90 days. The change offers the possibility of storing goods in as much as 90 days. This means that certain companies may use temporary storage instead of bonded warehouse and thus avoid keeping count of customs.

    Bonded warehouse type D emitted

    Private bonded warehouse is no longer possible. The remaining types of bonded warehouse (A, B, C, E and F) will still be active.

    Shared customs code for all EU-countries

    This change will facilitate customs handling across all 28 EU-countries and offers the possibility of a central customs clearance, which will enable FREJA to operate in other EU-countries. The system is expected to be ready by 2020.

    Back payment arrangements discontinued

    On 1 May 2016 the back payment of processing and inward processing arrangements have been discontinue. From now on, the procedure “Suspension of processing and inward processing arrangements” must be used instead. Remember to apply for a license from the tax authorities.

    Warrant for goods in bonded warehouse or temporary storage

    When placing goods on bonded warehouse or temporary storage a warrant for duty / VAT must be set. As a rule, the warrant is one-to-one.

    Binding information on tariffs and country of origin

    The binding information has been altered from being valid for six years to being valid for only three years. Therefore, we recommend that you remember to renew the existing information.

    The new Union Customs Code will gradually come into force until the end of 2020.

    Multi-stop heavy lift loading

    Moving modules across the world

    In the beginning of April, FREJA’s Project Group chartered a coaster to pick up 3 x 305 tons modules in Helsinki - each module measuring 1094 x 509 x 920 cm.

    From Helsinki the coaster went on to load three more modules - each with a weight of 171 tons and measuring 634 x 634 x 498 cm - in another port before shipping all six modules to Rotterdam.

    In Rotterdam, the pieces were re-loaded as loose cargo to a container vessel bound for the Far East. The re-loading was carried out as a ship-to-ship operation using an 1800 tons floating crane.

    The cargo is currently on its way to the final destination, where it will arrive in the beginning of May.

    The total weight and volume of the shipment: Six modules, 1430 tons, 2137 CBM.

    For further information, please contact:

    Casper Brodersen
    Global Project Manager
    Direct: +45 9670 5262
    Mobile: +45 5234 5262