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    FREJA newsletter Q1 2024

    Read in Danish

    Spring is right around the corner, and we are excited to introduce you to the first newsletter of the year. In this newsletter, you can read about our new groupage department in Aarhus. This department is established to streamline groupage shipments to and from Denmark, enhancing our service for customers. With this new setup, we aim to provide even better support, minimizing the number of contact persons required for groupage solutions.

    From the end of February to the beginning of March, the WCA conference took place in Dubai, and our representatives were present to attend the world’s largest logistics event. FREJA got to network with professionals from all over the world and explore the latest trends and opportunities within sea and air freight. Read about the successful event that we look forward to attending every year.

    A few years ago, we launched MyFREJA, a Business Intelligence platform that allows customers to gain insight into their transport activities with FREJA. We have now developed this platform so it can be used by our logistics customers and provide valuable insights and a comprehensive overview of the logistics activities that FREJA handles. You can also read more about this in this newsletter.

    In FREJA, we have always cared about supporting local sports clubs and athletes. We want to help enthusiasts achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Involvement in the local community is also a good way to get closer to customers and business partners and strengthen the relationship with them. How we do this is explained in the last article in this newsletter.

    Finally, on behalf of FREJA, I would like to wish you a Happy Easter and some relaxing days with your loved ones.

    We thank you for your interest in FREJA’s newsletter and hope you enjoy reading it.

    Jan Sunde
    Managing Director Denmark
    +45 9670 5005
    +45 4060 5600

    New groupage department securing good quality and customer service

    At the beginning of the year, we established a new groupage department in Aarhus to optimize our setup on groupage shipments to/from Denmark and enhance our customer service. The way of working has now been unified, which helps ensure data quality and safety.

    The department handles shipments of up to two pallets and currently ships to/from Benelux, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. We expect to do a gradual expansion to more countries, which will allow our customers to use FREJA for the majority of their groupage shipments.

    “We are excited about this new setup and strongly believe that it will improve the value and experience for our customers. We are already seeing how this department is making a positive change for our organization and our customers, and we are looking forward to expanding to more countries, so we can better our position for groupage shipments”, says FREJA’s Groupage Manager, Simon Plougstrup.

    We are part of System Alliance Europe, a high-quality network of groupage carriers in Europe. When choosing FREJA to transport this kind of cargo, our customers will experience high quality with a focus on customer support and service. This includes one dedicated contact person, ensuring consistent service. Furthermore, by utilizing our network of agents, customers will receive status messages throughout the shipment, along with track & trace, PODs, and GSIN numbers, making the process and experience smooth.

    We are excited to see how this new department will elevate the experience for our customers. If you are interested in learning more about how FREJA can help with your groupage shipments, please contact Sales Director, Franz Andersen.

    Franz Andersen
    Sales Director Denmark
    +45 9670 5030
    +45 5234 5030

    Great success at the WCA Conference 2024

    From February 24th to March 2nd, the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) conference took place in Dubai, bringing together industry leaders from around the globe. FREJA was excited to participate, meeting up with fellow professionals to explore the latest trends and opportunities within sea and air freight.

    For years, WCA has been a must-attend event for FREJA. David Nielsen, Head of Business Development Air & Ocean at FREJA, explains, “Participation in the world’s largest freight forwarding event is essential for us. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with industry peers worldwide and explore potential collaborations. We always leave with valuable insights and takeaways.”

    With over three decades of experience, FREJA specializes in providing end-to-end transport and logistics solutions for businesses across various industries. At WCA 2024, our representatives showcased FREJA’s comprehensive portfolio and expertise in sea and air freight – two important components of the global supply chain.

    Several FREJA countries participated in the conference. From the left: Jan Klock Bjørndal (NO), Rex Cai (CN), Petri Strömberg (FI), David Nielsen (Group), Petter Lossius (NO), Mikkel Lübker Andersen (DK) and Jaakko Havia (FI).

    Mikkel Lübker Andersen, Head of Sea Freight Denmark at FREJA, highlights the significance of events like WCA: “The conference provides a good opportunity to exchange ideas and stay ahead of industry developments. It’s an excellent environment to explore the diverse potentials within sea and air freight.”

    In summary, once again the WCA conference was a great success, and we look forward to seeing what next year’s conference will bring.

    David Nielsen
    Head of Business Development Air & Ocean

    +45 5234 5457

    Mikkel Lübker Andersen
    Head of Department Sea Freight Denmark
    +45 9670 5264
    +45 5234 5264

    News: Gain insights into your logistics activities with MyFREJA

    In 2019, FREJA introduced the FREJA Business Intelligence (BI) platform, MyFREJA, which gives you insights into your transportation activities with FREJA. It delivers data on your shipments, units, and revenue to help you make faster and better decisions about your supply chain.

    The logistics overview shows the volume/activities from the logistics production at FREJA. It is an active report overview that interactively shows the customer’s production for the last 24 months.

    Where MyFREJA used to focus on transport activities, we have now developed it to also provide an in-depth insight into your logistics activities with FREJA from one of our logistics centers. This is for services such as pick and pack, display production, labeling, relabeling, repacking, postponement labeling, ADR and Order2Cash services, whether it concerns food, pharma & healthcare, dangerous goods, automotive or other segments.

    ‘Logistics Details’ gives you more in-depth data insights. For example, you can view details for previous years and months and see your production down to the daily level. It’s easy to export to Excel for further data processing.

    In MyFREJA Logistics, you get access to BI reports for daily and historical production, as well as a file share system where FREJA can deliver standard or special reports directly from the logistics systems.

    Our new fileshare system where we can share valuable data with the customer. Here we share a range of standard data throughout the customer’s logistics setup, so they can always keep track of how we operate their downstream supply chain. The fileshare system can also be used to communicate with our customers regarding valuable operational documents such as certificates, invoices and other important data.

    Sound like something that could be interesting for your business? Reach out to your contact person at FREJA if you want to get set up for MyFREJA, or contact Logistics & Healthcare Director, Morten Bruun-Kristensen to hear more about our logistics products.

    Morten Bruun-Kristensen
    Logistics & Healthcare Director Denmark
    +45 9670 5422
    +45 5353 2073

    Thomas Mikkelsen
    Head of Logistics Development
    +45 9670 5342
    +45 2228 8950

    From the left: Christian Hostrup from Herning Blue Fox, Peter Stensfeldt from FREJA, and Allan Trip Nielsen from VN Steel ApS.

    Collaboration in focus: FREJA’s engagement in the local community

    For many years, FREJA has supported athletes and sports clubs – both large and small – for several specific reasons. First and foremost, we believe in the importance of supporting local sports clubs to give young talents better opportunities to reach their goals. A single contribution can make a big difference, and at FREJA, we want to be a part of helping them realize their dreams. Furthermore, we also see this support as a way to strengthen relationships with our customers and partners. A good example of this is our partnership with the ice hockey club, Herning Blue Fox.

    FREJA and Herning Blue Fox started the collaboration in 2019, and since then, FREJA’s logo has been visible in the ice hockey rink in Kvik Hockey Arena. “It is crucial for us to have partners who share our values and with whom we can grow the community. We are proud to have a company like FREJA on board because they really engage and contribute to the good atmosphere we always try to create in our arena” says Christian Hostrup, Sales & CSR Manager at Herning Blue Fox.

    Engagement in the local community is important to FREJA as it brings us closer to our customers and partners. This is also one of the reasons why FREJA opened an office in Herning in 2022. Senior Account Manager in FREJA, Peter Stensfeldt, says: “With locally placed offices, we have a much better opportunity to get closer to our customers. We participate in local sports events, meet the driving forces behind them and engage with the community. For example, through our support of Herning Blue Fox, FC Midtjylland and Skjern Handball, we have met Allan Trip Nielsen from VN Steel ApS, who is now one of our valued customers.”

    When you ask Allan Trip Nielsen why he has chosen to collaborate with FREJA, he answers: “I participated in some events where FREJA was also present, and it was inspiring to see how committed they were to the local environment, which I am a part of. Therefore, it felt natural for me to get in touch with Peter and explore the possibilities for a collaboration, as we obviously share some core values. Now FREJA handles our national transports, and I am very happy with this collaboration.”

    If you want to know more about how FREJA can help you and your company, please contact FREJA’s Sales Director, Franz Andersen.

    Franz Andersen
    Sales Director Denmark
    +45 9670 5030
    +45 5234 5030