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    FREJA presents CSR report 2020

    Social responsibility and sustainability are close to our heart, and we at FREJA are pleased to present the latest CSR report for the year 2020. This report marks the fourth CSR report for FREJA since 2017. In the report, we unveil the initiatives we have worked on in 2020 and the goals we have set to create a better environment and a more sustainable planet.

    As a transport and logistics company, we believe that we have a responsibility when it comes to ensuring a greener environment. Our industry is crucial for society, as we contribute to the transport of necessary goods such as medicines, food, and hygiene products, but the effect of this is that the transport sector is responsible for 24% of direct CO2 emissions from fuel combustion. Our critical role in society has been particularly crucial during the pandemic. We have worked hard to keep the supply chains going around the world, and this could not be done without all our professional and dedicated employees on the roads and in the offices.

    Despite the pandemic, we have maintained our focus on CSR and followed the planned strategy, as we do not believe that we can postpone our actions and efforts in this area. Since 2018, we have structured our work with CSR according to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Every year, we assess which areas we want to focus on, and in the year 2020, we worked with the following three SDGs:

    • 3) Good health and well-being
    • 8) Decent work and economic growth
    • 12) Responsible consumption and production

    [caption id="attachment_27288" align="alignnone" width="1235"] The three SDGs that FREJA has focused on in 2020[/caption]

    Orderliness and responsibility are some of the cornerstones of FREJA, and therefore it is important for us to create a healthy working environment and good working conditions for our employees and drivers. This is also reflected in the SDGs that we have chosen to work with.

    In the latest report, you can, amongst other things, read about what we do to create a good working environment, why rail freight is an environmentally friendly alternative to road transport, and how we have contributed to the fight against COVID-19.

    You can read FREJA's CSR report 2020 here