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    FREJA Projects had a busy week in Finland

    [caption id="attachment_9226" align="alignnone" width="800"] With her 134m length, the heavy lift vessel, MV Calypso, was a beautiful sight in the port of Vaasa. [/caption]

    FREJA’s Project Department in Finland had a busy week at the end of October. “Within one week we handled two vessels in the port of Vaasa, Finland. FREJA has long-term relationships with both clients and they know they can trust our solutions”, explains Project Director in FREJA, Tom Lunabba.

    Within 3 hours the vessel was ready to be shipped

    The engine had a height of over 5 meters and FREJA was trusted to handle the engine transport from the port of Vaasa to the final shipyard. “Within only 3 hours, we succeeded in loading, lashing, and having the vessel ready to sail in co-operation with the professional stevedoring company in the port of Vaasa” Tom elaborates. The second vessel during that week was even bigger and FREJA successfully handled the full logistical task of the transformer units and parts for the on-going project called Hornsea II.

    From client to ship in one day

    When everything is well-planned, surprises are easier to handle. The transformer units were transported through the city center of Vaasa and the oversized transport had two escort cars. The challenge was the schedule. The transformer units had to be transported from the client to the port of Vaasa and be shipped on the same day. This kind of achievement says all about the service quality and the workmanship in the port of Vaasa. “The set-up of the transport changed at the last minute, as the client was worried that the freight might get dents. This meant that we only had one day to retrieve enough containers for the transport. Fortunately, we have strong relations in our network, so we managed to have the cargo covered and protected according to the client’s wish”.

    FREJA’s Project Department solved all the challenges and the heavy lift vessel, MV Calypso, was able to leave on time and she is now on her way to Singapore to discharge the cargo. Bon voyage!

    If you have any challenges, we are more than happy to help. Go to our website for more information or contact Tom Lunabba on or +358 (0)405008953.