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    FREJA Transport & Logistics AB expands in Sweden and quadruples capacity in Jönköping

    FREJA Transport & Logistics AB is expanding in Sweden and has now entered into an agreement with Tosito AB to build a brand new environmentally certified logistics property in Jönköping. FREJA Transport & Logistics AB quadruples capacity in Jönköping to 20,000 square meters. Construction is starting now and should be ready for occupancy in the spring of 2024.

    The property company Tosito has signed a lease with FREJA Transport & Logistics for a logistics property in Torsvik. The logistics property is starting to be built now and will be approximately 20,000 square meters with occupancy in spring 2024. The lease is a so-called green lease, and the building will be environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad.

    "We are very happy that FREJA has chosen to grow further at Torsvik in Jönköping. We have a good collaboration, and we are happy that we have received their trust again. We see this as proof that we had a successful collaboration and look forward to following their journey in the coming years", says Tommy Fritz, CEO at Tosito.

    FREJA Transport & Logistics AB is happy that we, in collaboration with Tosito AB after a good and professional negotiation process, have arrived at a concept solution for the construction of logistics, cross-dock terminal, and office premises, which means that we quadruple our square meters in Jönköping. From the start, there has been a good dialogue and an understanding of the importance for FREJA to build an environmentally friendly, future-proof modern property.

    "The decision about the expansion is partly based on a desire to expand in the region. Jönköping is an important point in Sweden for our setup, and not least the fine development and increase in volume we had, which made us outgrow our current property. FREJA is therefore looking forward with joy to now being able to offer the necessary space for all the requests we receive in relation to the services we can offer current and potential new customers", says Morten Dreyer, CEO at FREJA Transport & Logistics AB.

    New potential customers are welcome to contact FREJA Transport & Logistics AB on +46 36 18 13 51 if you want to know more about what we can offer when the property is ready.

    For more information, please contact:
    Tommy Fritz
    Managing Director at Tosito AB
    +46 70 831 71 71