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    FREJA Transport & Logistics and Transcargo unite forces

    With the receipt of the approval from The Danish Competition Authority, we are very pleased to inform that closing was accomplished on January 31st 2018 with effect of January 1st 2018.

    By uniting forces - and utilizing mutual qualifications and resources - we are convinced that we to an even larger extent have products, which will create value for our customers as well as for other business partners in the future FREJA Group.

    With the acquisition of Transcargo - having a particularly strong brand within temperature controlled transportations and also being among the market leaders on the traffics between Denmark, the Baltic States, Central Europe and Greece - FREJA is one step closer to our goal of being a full service provider to the transport and logistics market.

    The Danish companies are expected to merge during spring/beginning of the summer. More information will follow as soon as the practical matters have been sorted out.

    Transcargo Poland will continue in the name Transcargo as a sister company to the other members of the Group.

    Transcargo’s division in Brøndby will move to FREJA in Taastrup, just as certain traffics to/from Jutland will be united in Stilling respectively Padborg.

    After the merger of the Danish units, the Transcargo office in Trelleborg will be integrated into FREJA Transport & Logistics AB and become the 5th FREJA location in Sweden. Further information will follow as soon as the final dates are known.

    Together with our customers and business partners, we look forward to developing the possibilities, which we now have, to expand and develop the cooperation to our mutual benefits.

    All former contact persons will be at your disposal if you have any further questions.