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    Dear reader

    In FREJA, we believe that education is important. Therefore, we are very happy that we have recently welcomed 11 young people who have chosen to start their two-year education of becoming a freight forwarder or logistics assistant in FREJA. Having new trainees in our organization also implies that others are fully-educated as freight forwarders. This year, we congratulate 15 freight forwarders, logistics assistants, and finance assistants, and most of them have accepted our offer to continue working for FREJA. We look forward to continuing the journey with them.

    Since 2017 FREJA Padborg has participated in a project which strives to get young people to work or get an education. In this newsletter, we have an article about Nana, who has been an intern at the warehouse. You can also read about our investment in 75 new trailers from TIP Trailer Services to Poland and our UK traffic. We are thus expanding the fleet and now have 2800 trailers.

    On July 1st, FREJA in Poland opened a new logistics center in Szczecin, which has become our new headquarter for Poland. We offer advanced logistics solutions, and we have daily linehaul trucks to and from Scandinavia.

    On 20th August, the EU has passed a mobility package which will affect the transport sector severely. At the time of writing, we do not know the consequences of the EU mobility package, because the implementation of the new initiatives will last more than three years. We will keep our customers informed through FREJA’s webpage or future newsletters.

    In each FREJA newsletter, we bring focus on a customer. In this edition, you have the opportunity to read about Dansu, who, among other things, import masks from China. For several years, Dansu has collaborated with FREJA on road transport and has now chosen FREJA for air freight transports.

    I wish you happy reading.


    We congratulate all the graduates who finished this year.

    FREJA’s new modern logistics center in Poland has opened

    Szczecin is the new headquarter for Poland and employs around 50 people in different departments such as forwarding, warehousing, cross-docking, accounting, IT, HR, and administration, as well as around 85 drivers who is connected to our trucks. Some functions support all of FREJA Poland, whereas others are local activities.

    On July 1st, FREJA opened a new logistics center in Szczecin. We offer a modern warehouse with 10,000 sqm and parking space for 250 trucks. The new location is our focal point between Poland and Scandinavia on the one hand and Poland and European groupage services on the other hand. We offer complex logistics solutions, including services such as handling, packaging, labeling, storage, and other value-added services that are supported by a modern WMS system.

    About the opening of our new logistics center, FREJA’s Chairman of the Board in Poland, Torben Mortensen, says: “As expected, the opening went well, and with the new facilities we have the best prerequisites of delivering value-added services to our customers. We have already integrated the first customers with success, and have room for more activity and would very much like to welcome you to our new logistics center”.

    We have a strong focus on the development of E-commerce, and we have experienced large increases in freight volumes over the past two years. For this reason, we have chosen to dedicate employees to handle these tasks, as it requires expertise to handle large volume fluctuations and to be able to guarantee next day delivery. Previously, we only handled the transport flow, but with the new facilities we can handle the entire logistics.

    In connection with the expansion of our department in Poland, we have also focused on our trucking division. This year we are expanding the fleet from 68 to 88 trucks. This with both 2-axle and 3-axle trucks to strengthen the FREJA brand and focus on quality, environment, and the right driver conditions. Torben Mortensen elaborates: “We want to ensure that our drivers have the most optimal conditions in the industry. For this reason, we have, among other things, established modern welfare rooms for the drivers, social facilities, and a laundry room of a high standard”.

    If you want to learn more about the solutions we offer in Szczecin, please feel free to contact your local FREJAN or Torben Mortensen.

    FREJA expands the fleet with 75 new trailers

    FREJA has invested in 75 new Schmitz Cargobull Telematik curtain trailers from TIP Trailer Services. Of the 75 new trailers, 50 of them are for FREJA in Poland, and the remaining 25 trailers are for our UK traffic.

    Poland has become an important expansion area for FREJA, and on the 1st of July this year, our brand new modern logistics center opened in Szczecin. Regarding the expansion of the fleet, the chairman of the board and founder of FREJA, Jørgen Hansen, says: “FREJA and TIP have had good cooperation in the Nordic region for many years, and after our establishment and expansion in Poland, the need for equipment on Polish plates has grown significantly. TIP could offer that solution, so now we are starting up with 50 new modern trailers for Poland. The remaining 25 trailers are for our UK traffic, where we have seen an increased need for specially secured trailers to prevent theft and other inconveniences.

    According to Morten Hakmann, Sales Director for Denmark and Norway at TIP, the long-term collaboration between FREJA and TIP is based on mutual understanding and trust. “For a long time now, we have had a Nordic collaboration both within leasing, but also in our workshops. We are naturally very happy that the collaboration has expanded with Poland”, Morten Hakmann says.

    Recently, FREJA was also able to announce the investment in 65 new trailers for the Nordic countries. The new trailers are 8 walking floor trailers, 18 reefers, 17 standard tautliners, 4 swop bodies, and 18 Krone/Liebner trailers with flexible sides and roof.

    FREJA has thus, within a short time, expanded the fleet with 140 new trailers, which are both a replacement and expansion of the existing fleet. The trailers got a technological boost so that we can improve the service to our customers, and we look forward to starting using them. The total fleet now counts 2800 trailers in the FREJA group.

    FREJA helps Dansu with air freight of protective equipment from China

    Since the corona crisis hit Denmark at the beginning of the year, there has been a great demand for goods such as hand sanitizers and masks, as this can help minimize the spread of virus.

    The family-owned company, Dansu A/S, has also felt the increase in demand. The company is best known for importing raw cotton, which they process at their location in Ganløse. The cotton is then used to produce swabs and cotton wool, which they deliver to shops, pharmacies, and hospitals. Dansu has produced the cotton swabs that are used in COVID-19 tests. In addition to these products, they also sell CE approved masks in which they have experienced an increasing demand due to COVID-19.

    It is this type of mask (Type IIR) that FREJA transported with air freight from China to Denmark for Dansu A/S.

    Dansu’s suppliers on masks are located in China, and therefore it was necessary to have a logistics partner who could transport the goods home to Denmark. For several years, Dansu has collaborated with FREJA on road transport, and it was only natural to also choose FREJA on air freight.

    During the course of August, FREJA has delivered around 1000 packages = 50 pallets of masks to Denmark from China, which corresponds to approximately 2,2 million masks, and many more are on the way. Désirée E. Danechi, Assistant Manager at Dansu, says: “We are so grateful for FREJA and especially Nicolai Christensen’s efforts with transporting these masks to Denmark. Everything has been smooth, and you are helping to protect so many people because of your work. Thank you so much!”

    When our customers are happy, we are happy, and when we get to contribute to society, it doesn’t get much better. If you have an international transport need, then we have the solution. Contact FREJA’s Sales Director, Franz Andersen, to hear more about how we can help you.

    FREJA launches a new campaign that puts focus on the FREJANS

    In FREJA, we are working on a project, where we focus on all the people who are in FREJA – the so-called the FREJANS. People know us mostly for our trucks with our “FREJA” logo, but it is all the employees who make the difference and differentiate us from our competitors. Without everyone in FREJA, we would not be the company we are today.

    In the last period, we have started the video production of three new corporate films, each of which provides an insight into who FREJA is and what we can do for our customers. The three new films are a brand film, a pharma & healthcare film, and a film where you can get to know the FREJANS better. Each film focuses on something different, but what they have in common is that they have the FREJANS in the center.

    The purpose of the brand film and the pharma & healthcare film is to tell what we can do for our customers and what value-creating services we can offer. The purpose of the FREJAN film is to show how we work together and give an insight into our culture and who the FREJANS are in a humoristic way.

    To make the films, we have received help from the filmmaker, Morten Bo Johansson, who, among other things, has made films for Bang & Olufsen and Jack & Jones, as well as the talented photographer Philip Ørneborg. Together, the two have been around some of our different locations and gotten to know the FREJANS quite well, so they had the best prerequisites of visualizing the culture in FREJA and who we are.

    We look forward to unveiling all the films, but so far, you have to settle for some pictures from the film shooting.

    FREJA films – behind the scenes. 
    Nana became a part of Teddy Petersen’s team in the warehouse as an intern at FREJA. 

    FREJA participates in the project “Unge på Toppen”

    Since 2017, when the project started, FREJA in Padborg has been a loyal partner. “Unge på Toppen” is a job project that, in collaboration with Jobcenter Aabenraa and multiple companies, strives to get young people to work or get an education.

    This year, FREJA in Padborg had the honor of having Nana as an intern at the warehouse. Warehouse Manager, Teddy Petersen, and his team took Nana under their wings for approximately ten weeks. Nana explored what it is like to go to work, and she has tried tasks such as packing and picking of goods.

    “It has been a pleasure to have Nana as an intern here. She got the opportunity to try out different tasks, and she was not afraid to try something new. The team and I wish her all the best of luck”, says Teddy Petersen.

    The internship has given Nana a good insight into how a warehouse works, and she has now started working at ISS after a successful time at FREJA.

    Project leader, Thomas Schmidt-Sonne, says: “From Unge på Toppen and Jobcenter Aabenraa, we would like to give many thanks to Teddy and the rest of FREJA for a good collaboration – together we help the young people move on with their lives”.

    FREJA is proud to be part of this project, and we look forward to welcoming more interns in the future.

    Facts about the project

    In the spring of 2017, the first project in Aabenraa Municipality was completed with great success. The project has over the past four years, proceeded with a success rate of around 70-75%. The project targets young people who, for various reasons, are receiving cash benefits, but who are ready to try something new and push some boundaries. The project extends over an 18-20 week intensive course consisting of three focus areas: diet and exercise, personal development, and company internship.

    A total of 108 young people have started up over six projects. 94 of them have completed. The remaining 14 young people have dropped out during the project, primarily because meeting stability is required, but also because there is zero-tolerance for abuse.