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    Merger between FREJA and TL Trans now complete in Finland


    At the beginning of 2021, the merger between FREJA Transport & Logistics and TL TRANS, based in Kronoby, was announced, and it is now complete.

    The transaction expanded FREJA's range of transport services with temperature-controlled road transport and around 80 thermo-trailers. From today, FREJA has an office in Kronoby, and all the payment transactions will be transferred from TL Trans to FREJA. “We are now able to serve our customers more comprehensively in their international transport needs”, says Matti Urmas, Managing Director of FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy.

    The customers who transferred from TL Trans to FREJA have also been satisfied with the benefits resulting from the merger. “The feedback received from our customers has been positive, as we now have a wider range of services to offer and our customers now also have sea and air freight at their disposal from familiar customer service contacts,” says Jörgen Byskata, Director of Temperature Controlled Transport at FREJA Transport & Logistics.

    TL Trans was owned by Jörgen Byskata and Marko Ruotsalainen. The acquisition is FREJA's first takeover during its operations in Finland.

    FREJA originally started its operations in Finland in 2003, when the FREJA Group, together with Managing Director Matti Urmas, acquired the Finnish Maa ja Meri Oy. Maa ja Meri Oy was established back in 1942. At that time, its task as a forwarding company was to serve the Finnish Defense Forces by transporting military equipment. The name FREJA Transport & Logistics was adopted at the beginning of 2009 to harmonize all the names in the FREJA Group.

    Besides international road transport (approximately 850 trailers), FREJA’s international transport services also include sea and air freight and project transport. In addition to the tarpaulin fleet, our fleet includes approximately 80 thermally controlled trailers that have been approved for ADR transportation and provided with the appropriate ADR equipment. The entire fleet is also ATP/FRC-rated. The fleet is suitable for transport at temperatures ranging from -25 to +25°C.

    FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy's head office is in Turku and we also have offices in Kronoby, Vantaa, and Vaasa. In 2020, FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy’s turnover amounted to about EUR 86 million. FREJA in Finland employs around 60 professionals in their field.

    As part of the FREJA Group, we are an independent affiliate that operates in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, and China. We have a total of 32 offices. Our company employs about 960 people.

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