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    New book about Jørgen Hansen and FREJA

    The book Jørgen Hansen – FREJA paves the way is the entertaining entrepreneur story about how FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S in 35 years developed from being only two men with a couple of landline phones to becoming a global logistics and transport company.

    We should use our energy on a marathon – not many small runs” is one of the mottos from FREJA’s founder, Jørgen Hansen. He makes it clear that successful entrepreneurship is not a quick fix, but many years with hard work, dexterity, a positive attitude, a certain amount of luck, and a company culture where the employees support each other and go in the same direction.

    Today, FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S is one of the biggest transport and logistics companies in Scandinavia. The 750 employees work in offices in both Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and China.

    It was the 26-year-old planner, Jørgen Hansen (also called ‘Speedy’ by friends and colleagues), who started FREJA together with the colleague, Frede Alstrup (called ‘Pangel’), in 1985. The company has always had headquarters in Skive and FREJA’s values like diligence, positivity, thrift, and direct communication are something that most people appreciate.

    Growing up, Jørgen Hansen was an eager, temperamental soccer player in the small town Gundersted. He was the midfield general, who took the lead and did everything in his power to win, and he understood how to empower the team members. Jørgen Hansen continues to take the lead as the business owner, CEO, and now also working chairman, when the employees, the so-called FREJANS, are striving to deliver optimal transport and logistics solutions.

    FREJA is a living example that it is possible to develop a prosperous global company and at the same time create strong relations with both customers, partners, and employees.

    The book will be published at the end of September 2019 as an E-book and in a printed version. An English version is expected to be published in December 2019. The E-book can be bought on

    Publisher: die Wiese
    Author: Trine Wiese
    Extent: 177 pages
    For more information contact