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    New electric trucks

    The terminal at FREJA in Taastrup is busy as an anthill. Throughout the week from Sunday night to Friday night, the terminal is full of cargo going in and out on its way further out into the world. The items should stay shortest time possible as they are only here in transit on their way to one of the four Nordic countries, to terminals at the European continent, or to one of the other FREJA warehouses in Denmark.

    In order to support this activity, FREJA has recently made a sustainable choice and invested in six new electric forklifts from N.C. Nielsen. The forklifts are equipped with lithium-ION batteries, which keep the internal transport running 24/7. The forklifts rarely stand still and when they do, it is mainly to recharge in one of the specially designed quick loaders, which in only a few minutes are able to increase driving time considerably.

    Terminal Manager in Taastrup Teddy Hansen says: “We have achieved a better flow than before as we save time by not having to change batteries and refill water. The lithium-ION batteries take care of themselves and we can recharge them fast in our quick loaders. At the same time they operate better than traditional batteries, last longer, and are more energy effective”.

    In FREJA we are happy that the new electric forklifts give us operational, environmental-friendly, and financial advantages, and we are convinced that lithium-ION is the battery technology of the future.