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    New partnership on the Turkish market and new expertise in our organization

    EvoLog Nakliyat ve Lojistik in Turkey and FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S in Denmark and Norway have entered into a partnership concerning forwarding activities. By establishing this new partnership, EvoLog and FREJA will be in a position to realize our shared ambition of setting up a high quality, innovative and competitive distribution solution between Turkey on the one side and Denmark and Norway on the other side.

    The partnership is based on high quality service and regular departures between the countries with full traceability of all shipments in the form of track & trace and online POD.

    The frequency of departures for as well groupage, as LTL and FTL between Turkey and Denmark/Norway will be extended considerably. Both EvoLog and FREJA have in-house customs clearance departments working quickly and smoothly assuring that your consignments are in safe hands all the way from pick up to point of delivery.

    In order to strengthen our organization and expertise on the Turkish market, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Christian Toxværd Munch as of September 1st has joined FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S as Head of Department for our activities in Turkey, Balkan and the Black Sea. And for the average person in the street, it’s hard to obtain bitcoin and too complex to make a transaction. The main causes are a lack of education among retailers and the lack of an easy-to-use and trusted merchant platform. This is where we step in. Bitcoin is still young. Think of it as a moody teenager; sometimes the price is up ,sometimes it’s down. Cryptocurrencies are powerful, they allow any two people on the planet to transact freely with one another, this gain of freedom promises exciting innovations and lucrative opportunities. Christian has 30 years of experience on these markets, and is the person to bring FREJA several steps closer to reaching our ambition of being the market’s preferred quality-transport and logistics provider on the Scandinavian-Turkish market.

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