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    Newsletter November 2018

    Dear reader

    Winter is near and this means it is time to prepare the transport equipment and material for a colder and more humid climate.

    FREJA has the pleasure of sending out a newsletter in which we - among other things - focus on the latest digital offer for you as customer. We call the offer MyFREJA, and in FREJA we are proud to deliver yet another product, which enhances the transparency in the customer’s activities. MyFREJA goes hand in hand with our DNA, where credibility and innovation separates us from our competitors.

    During the past years, FREJA has worked determined to develop our brand and services, so that we are able to call ourselves a full-service provider and a partner with a one-stop-shop solution. In this newsletter, you will find an article telling about how FREJA has handled over-sized cargo for Valmont A/S, and John Meldgaard Nielsen has given an interview about how we have handled a transport of 650 cm wide elements - correctly, on time and with the right solution.

    In the newsletter, you may also read about an administrative development in FREJA, where we recently have chosen to merge Consulting Services and 4PL. We call this 4PL Services and it is a natural step in the development with our customers.

    Finally, you may read about FREJA’s strategical plan for expansion in the East. With the purchase of Transcargo, the FREJA organization is stronger than ever before, and our new HQ in Poland sets new standards for FREJA’s reach in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Central Europe.

    On behalf of FREJA, I thank you for your interest in our newsletter and wish you enjoy reading.

    Ulrik Rasmussen
    Managing Director
    Telefon: +45 9670 5330
    Mobil: +45 5234 5330

    FREJA finds the solutions

    As a supplier of heavy steel structures, it is not always easy to transport the cargo and Valmont SM needed a customized solution for their shipments of rotor houses. The challenges arose due to a factory relocation from Siemens, which changed the delivery destination from Denmark to Germany and FREJA came up with a solution.

    This shipment was special to Valmont SM as Siemens had closed their plant at Lindø, Denmark and relocated to a new factory in Cuxhaven, Germany and since the road-restrictions for moving cargo in Germany differs from those of Denmark, it was not possible to move the cargo by road.

    With a diameter of 650 cm and a combined weight of frame and cargo of 31.5 tons, the dimensions exceeded what is normally allowed on the road in Germany. In Denmark, this type of road transportation is usually less problematic and only limited to nighttime transportation with two escort vehicles. In Germany on the other hand, this kind of transport is subject to police escorts, which was rejected by the local authorities. Alternative routings were also explored, but it was not possible to obtain general transport permits in Germany.

    Instead, FREJA solved this problem by coming up with a RO/RO solution via Esbjerg with a mere 6 hour sailing to Cuxhaven. To ease handling, the rotor houses were loaded on MAFI trailers, which secures a smooth loading operation on board, as well as in the ports.

    The close cooperation between Valmont SM and FREJA is important because the future will bring new and bigger versions of the components. The new types will go way beyond 650 cm in diameter and be heavier on weight. Therefore, with the new types there will be less cargo per transport unit. “This will create new challenges that we look forward to solve with FREJA” Project Manager for Valmont SM, John Meldgaard Nielsen says.

    Contact Hongyi Niu, Global Project Director and ask how FREJA can assist you with project forwarding.

    Hongyi Niu
    Global Project Director
    Telefon: +45 9670 5252
    Mobil: +45 5234 5252

    FREJA introduces 4PL Services

    FREJA is optimizing the organization’s products by combining Consulting and 4PL products under the name 4PL Services. With this arrangement, the customers get a product that meets the needs through a neutral service. Engagement with this new division can be widely used – from smaller projects with counseling concerning supply chain topics to a complete logistics unit that includes purchasing and coordination tasks.

    "After two years with FREJA Consulting, we have developed the product by listening to our customers. The customers want more counseling and opportunities for optimization in regards to 4PL engagement. This is why the natural next step for us is to follow our customers’ behavior and tailor our organization to use these competences in a closer cooperation than we have done previously,” Kenneth Sandgaard, Head of Digital & Innovation, says.

    [caption id="attachment_4456" align="alignnone" width="619"] 4PL Services has a wide range from simple consolidation potential to outsourcing of operational task planning[/caption]

    As a leader of innovation concepts, Kenneth Sandgaard argues that changes in the product portfolio will bring the customer closer to FREJA: “As a FREJA customer, you get access to a range of shelf products that was previously sold as counseling. In the future, the customers will pick the service as if it were a product on the shelf in the grocery store. Our analysis motor supports multiple needs – from consolidation potential to the outsourcing of operational task planning with 3PL companies.”

    Contact Kenneth Sandgaard for further information - or read more at our Danish website.

    Kenneth Sandgaard
    Head of Digital & Innovation
    Telefon: +45 96 70 53 60
    Mobil: +45 52 34 53 60

    FREJA expands on former Transcargo markets

    With the take-over of Transcargo in the beginning of 2018, FREJA increased our presence from the four Nordic countries and China to include Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. The sites, which have been added, have strengthened FREJAs European reach and secured ownership of even more activities. “It is beneficial to our customers when we take ownership of strategically important activities in areas, in which the customers centralize their volumes”, says Ulrik Rasmussen Managing Director Denmark.

    The FREJA Group now counts more than 1,000 trucks in East Europe in addition to the four Nordic countries. Transcargo Poland acts as the natural East European transport hub with HQ in Szczecin. Just now FREJA is planning a large development in Szczecin where a new Polish HQ will be built on a 70,000 m2 large site. We will construct a top modern transport & logistics center with a high-stacking warehouse of 7,000 m2 and 3,000 m2 for cross-docking and suitable pick & pack assignments. The facilities will be ready in the beginning of 2020.

    In addition to Szczecin we support our Polish activities from sites in Gielda, Lodz, Blonie, Kiev (Ukraine) and Martin (Slovakia). The level of activity supports a still strong competitiveness with “flexibility” and “customer service” as keywords in our daily work. Furthermore, we have added temperature-controlled activities to our product portfolio, and in 2018 FREJA has become market-leading to Poland and Greece on transport of enzymes, meat, dairy products and more.

    Torben Mortensen, Managing Director Poland, says: “FREJAs customers will experience an increased level of activities because of this expansion, and we will stand stronger than ever on the East European markets. It is important to follow the customers’ development, and with these investments, we secure flexibility in the future as well as a punctual service”.

    Contact Torben Mortensen, Managing Director Poland, to learn more about how FREJA will be able to meet your demands.

    Torben Mortensen
    Managing Director Poland & Regional Director Denmark South
    Telefon: +45 3697 0109
    Mobil: +45 6039 8679

    Business Intelligence

    MyFREJA is our latest online platform that makes it possible to analyze transport properly. Microsoft Power BI machine has an intuitive user interface that makes it possible to get an overview and a presentation of the flow of the goods, activities, etc. via dashboards and visualizations of the collected data.

    The data is reflected in our ERP system, thus it creates an ultimate transparency in the supply chain activities registered by FREJA. The data is delivered back to the right owner – the buyer of the transport – in the dimension’s ‘Shipment’s View’, ‘Turnover View’, and ‘Unit’s View’. This increases the understanding of activity related fluctuations over time between countries, zip codes, suppliers and clients. Besides the opportunities for analysis, MyFREJA gives shortcuts to other e-services and file sharing functions.

    Call your FREJA contact person today at +45 96 70 50 00 or and ask for a preview of MyFREJA and the options for your setup.

    Kenneth Sandgaard
    Head of Digital & Innovation
    Telefon: +45 96 70 53 60
    Mobil: +45 52 34 53 60