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    PNO and FREJA join a Scandinavian trailer cooperation

    FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S and PNO Danmark A/S have signed an agreement regarding delivery of 300 brand new trailers to be delivered to the Scandinavian market during 2017.

    "For many years FREJA and PNO have had a strong and professional cooperation and we are therefore very happy that we have signed this new agreement regarding the delivery of trailers to FREJA Transport & Logistics' divisions in Sweden and Denmark," says Jacob Ørnstrand, Group CEO in PNO.

    "It is FREJA's desire to operate new and modern equipment. Therefore, we replace about 20 % of the total fleet per year," says Jørgen Hansen, Group CEO and founder of FREJA.

    "PNO has the largest selection of quality trailers at the market in combination with the most flexible customer adjusted rental solutions. For PNO the relations to our customers are crucial, because this gives us a knowledge of which features will create the most optimal flow and value for our customers," Jacob Ørnstrand concludes.

    [caption id="attachment_822" align="alignnone" width="600"]Hanne Johannsen, Country Manager hos PNO Danmark A/S and John Skov, FREJA Hanne Johannsen, Country Manager hos PNO Danmark A/S and John Skov, FREJA[/caption]