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    Possible transport strike in Norway

    In connection with this year's central wage settlement, there is a violation of the negotiations between The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises and Labour Organizations. The settlement therefore goes to mediation, which is carried out on the 30th and 31st of March, with a deadline that expires at 24.00 on Sunday the 31st. of March.

    If there is no agreement within the deadline, or in the event of no mediation in overtime, it will result in strikes starting Monday 1st of April.

    FREJA is not directly affected as a part by a possible strike, but the general cargo terminals in Eastern Norway, where we reload our trucks, will be partially affected.

    Although we are already re-planning transports to reduce the inconveniences this will cause, a strike will in practice lead to delays.

    We hope that the parties will come to an agreement during the mediation and will keep you informed as soon as news arrives related to this.

    Any inquiries and questions can be directed to your FREJA contact person.