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    Q3 Newsletter Denmark

    Greetings from Jan Sunde

    Dear reader

    It is our pleasure to present FREJA Denmark’s newsletter for the third quarter of 2019.

    In this newsletter we give you a presentation of the new vertical lifts, which have been installed in our division in Aarhus, we also inform you about the new legislation related to serialization and how FREJA may assist you in that matter. Furthermore, we present how FREJA grows with our customer Keflico and in a video with two of our trainees, we give you an insight into the trainee program in FREJA. The two trainees, Rasmus and Morten, share their experience and tell about their work.

    Please enjoy your reading.

    Best regards
    Jan Sunde
    Managing Director


    FREJA develops with our customers

    Since 1953 Keflico has serviced and advised professionals regarding wood-based products and solutions. A part of Keflico’s vision is to create the best customer experience in their industry as well as setting new standards and developing new knowledge and services together with their partners.

    Keflico chooses its transportation and freight partners based on this vision. Keflico is a versatile company, that has a constant focus on their customers’ needs. For this reason, Keflico has high demands for its carriers.

    The goal for Keflico is to choose carriers who can join them on their growth journey. They expect a high level of service, flexibility, and proactivity on the existing markets, as well as in potential new markets. That FREJA can offer serious transport solutions in all of Europe and worldwide, has been a great factor in the choice of FREJA.

    For Keflico the market and demands are in constant movement, so an important part of the collaboration between the two parties is dialogue. To have a close relationship with FREJA and good communication ensures that Keflico can be ahead of the game and focus on their core competencies.

    “It is the good story about how FREJA started by doing a couple of shipments for us to prove their quality. The experience with FREJA was good and lived up to their own, as well as Keflico’s expectations. FREJA certainly lives up to our wish of having a flexible and trustworthy partner. This has resulted in a close relationship where we, month after month, grow and develop together” says Jan Lykke Hansen, Supply Chain Manager at Keflico.

    The collaboration between Keflico and FREJA is based on a strong partnership with a common interest in creating growth and development for both parties.

    If you wish to hear more about FREJA’s products and services, please contact our Sales Director Denmark, Franz Andersen, on +45 9670 5030 or


    FREJA gets new vertical lifts in Denmark

    At FREJA Skanderborg, we have chosen a simple, efficient and space saving solution for storage and picking.

    Our customer, Deichmann Sko ApS, for whom we run a web shop in Denmark and Sweden, has ambitious growth plans for the future development in these markets. Late summer 2018, we could either chose to do more of the same and put up more shelving for manual picks – or think innovative. We chose to do the latter.

    After thorough dialogue with several providers, the choice was made for a total of 10 x 9-meter-high, LOGIMAT® lifts with space for many shoes. As in many, many shoes. We are ready for two digit growth rates and with the right IT integration also follows increased efficiency.

    With the 10 lifts we can now store and pick the same number of shoes on only 350 m2 instead of the original 1.000 m2 in use at the time – without thought for the planned growth. Furthermore, we could terminate an external lease and gather all warehousing activities on one location.

    We are in constant development with our customers and the needs they challenge us with. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs for warehousing or logistical solutions.


    Trainee at FREJA

    FREJA has a comprehensive trainee program which means that each year in August we welcome a new group of trainees. The trainee period is two years and we offer trainee positions in transports, logistics and accounting. In FREJA we find it important to educate young people and thereby create our own supply of competent teammates. During the two years in FREJA, the trainee will work in various divisions and have a wide insight into the relevant part of the business.

    Dann Petersen started as a trainee in August 2018 in our UK/Ireland division. About his first year in FREJA Dann says: “I have learnt a lot during my first year, not only all the administrative work related to planning a trip to and from England, but also experienced the work from a drivers’ point of view. I have been so lucky to join one of our drivers on a tour to Great Britain, to see how everything is connected from a larger perspective. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to meet our partners and put a face on the people with whom I have the daily contact.

    As a part of his training, Dann has transferred to another division on September 1st. He is now in our customs division and says in that connection: “From the customs division I expect to obtain a clear understanding of the customs clearance system. I think it will be especially interesting in connection with Brexit and my qualifications from my work at the UK/Ireland department might become an advantage.

    In general I find that the education as a transport planner fits me perfectly. It is great that the training program is based on learning in practice so you really can “get your hands dirty”. At the same time we learn a lot at the school and they give us many tools to use in our daily work. FREJA’s values suit me just fine, since they are based on quality, honesty and credibility. These are characteristics which are important at as well the personal as the professional level.”


    If you are interested in learning more about FREJA’s trainee program and job opportunities, please contact HR Partner Tina Thorup at +45 9670 5283 or .


    FREJA ensures traceability in your supply chain

    What is serialization?

    Serialization, also called verification, simply means that since 9th February 2019 most prescription drugs and certain non-prescription drugs must be equipped with an individual bar code as well as a seal, enabling you to easily spot if the package has been opened. The purpose of the new system is to improve patient safety by an inspection of the authenticity of each individual packaging and to avoid that fake pharmaceutical products will find their way to the consumer.

    What does the new EU directive about serialization mean?

    The EU directive requires that all prescription drugs, which are included in the directive, and that are produced after 9th February 2019, must be packed in sealed packages with a package specific – or individual – bar code, a so called 2D data matrix bar code and the anti-tampering device.

    The new system has resulted in the creation of a pan European verification system. In order to handle this task, the relevant European trade associations and partners established a non-profit organization in February 2015 – The European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) – to administrate and control the system in all of Europe. In Denmark we have established a national system for handling the data, and The Danish Medicines Verification Organisation (DMVO) is responsible for the administration and management of this according to the requirements of the EU directive.

    As a manufacturer, what do you have to be aware of?

    As a manufacturer you are required to upload your data to the European database. Via the central database, information is forwarded to the national databases. Before the prescription drug is handed out to a consumer at a pharmacy or hospital, a safety check will take place, a so called verification of the product, in the European database via the national database by a scan of the 2D barcode at the pharmacy or hospital. If the data is not found in the database, the package may not be handed out.

    How may FREJA assist your business in this process?

    FREJA offers to perform the transactions required to verify the products, which are delivered to FREJA’s GDP warehouse from a manufacturer, as well as for returned products and an export, so that legislation is respected. FREJA works to support the safety of pharmaceuticals in the market and to make sure that the products, which reach consumers, are not falsifications, and in that way we help to create transparency in the supply chain.


    For more information about serialization or on how FREJA can be of service, please feel free to contact FREJA’s Group Healthcare Logistics Director, Marina Steensen, at +45 9670 5422 or