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    Strike situation in key export sectors in Finland – updated

    Strict collective bargaining is underway in key sectors for Finnish exports and imports.

    - We are closely monitoring the situation and doing our best to anticipate the impact on international transport. By law, industrial action must be announced at least two weeks before it starts. For our customers, the emphasis is now on being on the road early, so it pays to place transport orders well in advance," says Matti Urmas, Managing Director of FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy.

    The stevedoring sector is already subject to an overtime ban issued by the Transport Workers' Federation (AKT), which came into force on 1 February.

    - The main impact of the overtime ban is on weekends, so there are no major delays in transport in the foreseeable future. For up-to-date information on the status of your shipment, please contact your contact person. Of course, it would be desirable for all sectors to reach an agreement without industrial action.

    Your FREJA contact will tell you the status of your shipment

    Finnlines announced on Monday 30 January that if the overtime ban comes into force and no agreement is reached, work in ports will be suspended between 15.30 on Saturday and 06.45 on Monday. The Sunday departure from Helsinki to Travemünde at 15.00 and the Monday departure from Travemünde to Helsinki at 2.00 will be cancelled. According to Finnlines, there will be other changes to the timetable. These changes will cause congestion in the port, and you should be prepared for delays in unloading and loading times.

    AKT strikes will start on Wednesday 15 February if no agreement is reached

    On Tuesday 31 January, the AKT has issued a strike warning to the stevedoring sector, in addition to the current overtime ban.

    Below are the strike timetables if the strikes go ahead.

    According to the AKT, a total of around 9 000 workers will be affected.

    AKT strike timetables

    - Strike in the stevedoring sector from 15 February at 06.00 until further notice: If the strike starts, it will cover all port operations, including unloading, loading, reception and release of units.

    - Trucking strike 15.2. from 00.00 to 21.2. from 24.00

    - Tanker and oil products strike 15.2. 00.00-21.2. 24.00

    - Terminal sector strike 15.2. 06.00-22.2. 06.00

    Page on the state of the negotiations maintained by the AKT.

    Finnlines will not transport trucks without a driver during the strike

    Finnlines announced on Monday that units without drivers will not be loaded at all in the event of a strike. The HansaLink line between Helsinki and Travemünde will operate as scheduled, but will only transport trucks with a driver.

    If no agreement can be reached during Monday, Finnlines will not load trailers or other units without a driver, starting with the departure from Travemünde to Helsinki at 2.45 am on 14 February. Departure from Helsinki to Travemünde on 14 February at 16.15 will be loaded as normal. If a strike starts, only units with a driver will be loaded.

    The Naantali-Kapellskär line (FinnLink) will operate as scheduled, but units without a driver will not be loaded.


    Strike situation in other sectors

    The PAM Service sector union has called off all industrial action after reaching an agreement on working conditions.

    The Technology Industry and the Trade Union Pro reached an agreement on working conditions and the strike was suspended.

    The Employees' Federation ERTO and the Trade Union Confederation Pro also reached an agreement on working conditions before the strike in the financial management sector started.

    The website of the Office of the National Mediator provides comprehensive information on the bargaining situation in the various sectors, provided that the National Mediator is involved.

    News updated 13.2. throughout at 15.15.

    News updated throughout 1.2.2023 at 15.05.

    News updated for the start date of the PAM warehouse strike on 3.2.2023 at 9.30 am.