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    The vaccine delivery in Oslo is strengthened

    The Health Agency of Oslo Municipality has entered into an agreement with FREJA Transport & Logistics AS for the distribution of CoVID-19 vaccines to districts, GP offices, clinics, and pharmacies all around the city.

    The Health Agency has been assigned the overall operational responsibility for handling CoVID-19 on behalf of Oslo Municipality. This includes the establishment of test centers, infection detection, and vaccination, as well as all associated procedures.

    Focus on high quality

    The assignment involves the distribution of urgent deliveries with vaccines that must be dispensed immediately after delivery. This requires quality and punctuality in all areas, both professionally and in terms of material equipment. FREJA's personnel have formal competence to carry out the assignment. The pharmacists at FREJA and Oslo Municipality work closely together to ensure that all the requirements are met. For Oslo Municipality, it has been crucial with a partner who has a full focus on product safety and quality when collecting, transporting, and delivering the vaccines and who could start immediately. FREJA's flexibility and ability to deliver on time meant that Oslo Municipality could make a quick decision.

    FREJA will deliver the vaccines with approved distribution vehicles with two GDP-trained drivers in each vehicle to ensure that the vaccines arrive at the vaccination sites at the agreed time. Our teams will follow up on the weekly bookings with detailed route plans, strict control upon delivery, and daily reporting of different parameters such as transport temperature.

    Understanding of the Health Agency's needs

    According to Geir A Gundersen, head of Infrastructure, Operations and Logistics at TISK + V in the Health Agency, there are many good reasons to choose FREJA Transport & Logistics AS. «FREJA shows a high focus on quality, and they understand how the professional and material capabilities should be used to solve the Health Agency’s needs for this task. FREJA knows how safety and the handling of the task should be done to minimize deviations, and they are well prepared to handle any unforeseen situations that may arise. We look forward to working with FREJA. "

    "We are very proud of the trust they have in FREJA and to contribute to a task that is so important to society. This assignment fits in very well with the other investments we are making in the pharmaceutical area for our many Pharma customers in Norway," says Kjell-Arne Eloranta, Managing Director of FREJA Transport & Logistics AS.