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    Updated: Postal service strike in Finland has ended

    27.11. The national Post labor dispute has been settled and the strike will end immediately. Due to the end of the postal strike also the subsidy strikes and other supporting actions have also been canceled. 

    26.11.2019 news about rail traffic updated

    25.11.2019 news updated completely 

    New supporting actions for the on-going national postal strike in Finland. Below you will find information on the effects of strikes on road, sea and air transport. If you have any questions regarding your transportation, please contact your own contact person. Contact details for FREJA Finland employees can be found here.

    This post will be updated when new information is available. Links to related information can be found at the end of the text.


    The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU has been on strike since 11th November. The strike covers now mail delivery, handling, transportation jobs, parcel sorting and clerical and shop workers. If no agreement is reached, the strike will continue until the 22nd of December.

    Supporting actions

    The Finnish Aviation Union IAU have already stopped handling mail at all airports.

    On Monday IAU members on airline operations (ground services, cargo, security) will go on a sympathy strike at 6 am. The sympathy strike will end on Tuesday morning. Finnair has cancelled around 300 flights.  Read more from Finavia.

    Transport Workers’ Union AKT 

    Members of the Automotive and Transport Workers' Association AKT refrain from working for Posti Kuljetus Oy.

    During the supporting actions, members of the Automotive and Transport Workers' Association (AKT) are prohibited from overtime and shift changes.

    Overtime and shift-trading ban applies to collective labor agreements in the truck, bus, terminal, service, garage, truck, food and oil tanker (tanker only) sectors, the tanker and petroleum product industry and related activities, stevedoring, freight forwarding warehouse terminal and port workers, cabin crew, travel agency, Airpro Oy and Avainta Oy.

    On Monday 25th November Helsinki Region Traffic drivers are on strike and the strike also concerns the drivers of Koiviston Auto, who are  members of the JHL.

    On Thursday 28th November stevedores stoppage

    The stevedores stoppage at the ports will begin on Thursday 28th November of at 6 am and will end on Saturday, November 30th at 6 am.

    All these industrial actions will continue, if the work stoppages of the Union of Post and Logistics Union PAU continue.

    Finnish Seafarers´ Union FSU

    From Monday 18th of November starting 6 am all Posti transports and packages will be left in port. From Thursday 21st of November starting at 6 am foreign traffic has been halted by not admitting any trucks, tanker trucks, trailers, or similar vehicles onto the car decks. Passenger cars and buses may be transported on car decks.

    Those members of the Finnish Seafarers’ Union working on the icebreakers in icebreaking related tasks will not follow the vessels out to sea.

    Monday 25th of November starting at 6 am all cargo-, ropax-, and passenger vessels in foreign traffic and sailing under the Finnish flag or arriving at a port in Finland after 6 am will remain in port, and no member of the Finnish Seafarers’ Union will follow the vessels out to sea. They will, however, carry out their normal work duties when the vessels are in port.

    The Finnish Seafarers´ Union’s supporting actions will continue until a resolution is reached by “Posti” and PAU, representing “Posti” employees, unless otherwise is announced later.


    On Thursday 21st of November at 9 am MS Finnlady arrived in Helsinki and unloaded both the freight and the passengers, but she loaded only passengers and their vehicles in the afternoon.

    The loading in Travemünde will be according to schedule, and the arrival in Helsinki according to the provisional plan. In Helsinki both the freight and passengers will be unloaded.

    There has not been sailing from Helsinki to Travemünde on Sunday 24th of November.  Starting today on Monday, ropax vessels arriving in Finnish ports will only unload the freight and passengers and remain in port thereafter. Ro-ro vessels arriving on Sunday will only be unloaded on Monday 25th of November due to the overtime ban of stevedores. The vessels arriving later will be unloaded and remain in port thereafter.

    In Naantali-Kapellskär traffic the vessels were unloaded on Thursday 21st of November in both Naantali and Kapellskär. Thereafter the service is continued with one vessel until Sunday 24th of November.

    There will be no departures from either side starting Monday 25th of November as long as the supporting actions continue.

    Viking Line

    Viking Line vessels will take freight on-board in Sweden but won’t be able to load the Finnish‐flagged vessels in Finland. Viking XPRS will transport cargo normally on the route Helsinki-Tallinn during the sympathy strike.

    On Monday 25th of November at 6 am, the strikes effects will expand to routes Stockholm-Helsinki, Stockholm-Turku and Kapellskär-Mariehamn. Read more from Viking Line Cargo.

    Tallink Silja Line 

    The sympathy strike will affect the Finnish flagged vessels Silja Serenade (Helsinki-Stockholm line) and Baltic Princess (Turku-Stockholm line) and this means that Tallink Silja Line cannot load or unload any cargo units on these vessels starting from this day, Thursday 21st. First departure affected is on Thursday from Stockholm to Helsinki on Silja Serenade departure at 16:45.

    Handling units cannot be accepted on Sunday but on Saturday they can be accepted in Helsinki West and South harbor.  No handling units can be accepted in Turku harbor, neither on departure Friday evening from Stockholm to Turku.

    Handling units can be accepted on Star and Megastar on Tallinn-Helsinki line, as well as on Silja Symphony in the Friday evening on Stockholm-Helsinki line, and in the Saturday evening on Helsinki-Stockholm line.

    From Sunday no handling units on any of vessels in Finnish Harbors.

    Cargo units with own driver can be accepted on all departures between Estonia and Finland, on Silja Symphony on Helsinki-Stockholm line and Galaxy on Turku-Stockholm line.

    Rail traffic

    RAU, the union representing rail workers, has announced supporting actions. Clerical workers VR and Traffic Management Finland (Finrail) will embark on a 24-hour sympathy strike starting Friday 29 November. The personnel involved in the strike perform duties such as customer service for passenger and freight traffic, freight traffic management, traffic planners as well as fault reporting and resolution.

    The industrial action will halt urban rail traffic in southern Finland for 24 hours from 3 am on 2 December. It will stop traffic in the Helsinki Regional Transport region as well as southern Finland.

    Intercity and freight rail traffic will then stop operating from 3am on 3 December until 4 December. The solidarity strike will not affect Allegro train services to Russia, the union said.

    Another 24-hour work stoppage is due to take place from 9 December. All rail traffic will come to a complete halt on 9 December.

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