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    WCA, new MD in Poland and more – FREJA Newsletter Q1 2023

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    Welcome to FREJA’s first newsletter in 2023, where we would like to share with you what is happening in our part of the industry.

    In Poland, FREJA welcomed a new managing director, Anna Jasiak, on the 1st of February. Anna is already a familiar face in FREJA, as she has been employed for several years and most recently comes from a position as CFO in FREJA Poland. We look forward to continue working with Anna.

    FREJA has recently participated in the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) in Singapore with the aim of showing our skills in sea and air freight as well as creating new contacts and alliances.

    Contacts and alliances are also important for our students and student assistants. That is why they are all part of the Student Network that our parent company USTC has formed specifically for students etc. Recently, FREJA hosted an event where everyone was invited to network and socialize.

    At FREJA, we also think it is important to support young athletes and their sport. We have supported Victor Svendsen for a number of years. It has been exciting to follow his badminton career and his rise through the ranks, where he now ranks as No. 44 in the world.

    In 2025, there will be a Danish road tax charge of 2 billion, out of which around 280 million DKK will be allocated for administration and approximately 10 million for green conversion. The industry advocates for imposing a fuel tax so that anyone using fuel would be subject to the tax. Furthermore, the industry suggests that the approximately 280 million allotted for administration be redirected towards aiding the green transition. Please refer to our previous statement on this issue.

    It’s unfortunate, as FREJA would like to witness a green development in the industry, in tandem with the government’s proposals. To ensure that the agreement has the intended effectiveness, FREJA suggests that the revenue be invested in the green transition instead of being remitted to the state treasury.

    I thank you for your interest in the newsletter and wish you good reading.

    Jan Sunde

    FREJA at WCA Singapore 2023

    FREJA Transport & Logistics recently participated in the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) in Singapore, showcasing our capabilities in sea and air freight. The event brought together some of the biggest names in logistics from across the world, providing a platform for industry players to network and discuss the latest trends in the field.

    FREJA has been providing end-to-end solutions for businesses in various industries for over three decades. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, we have expanded our services to all areas within logistics to enable a one-stop solution for our customers.

    During the WCA, FREJA’s representatives highlighted the company’s expertise in sea and air freight, two critical modes of transport for the global supply chain. They met up with people from all over the world to discuss the various possibilities and potentials. “This is the first time people met up after a three-year break due to covid”, says Hongyi Niu, director of global forwarding at FREJA, and he continues, “it is important we meet up with our partners from the world to talk about the status and to discuss the future cooperation. As in the world of transportation, we need trusted partners globally to serve our valuable clients”.

    In sea freight, FREJA offers a range of services, including Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments. Our strong relationships with major carriers enable us to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to clients. FREJA’s team of experts also provides tailored advice and support to clients, ensuring that their cargo is transported safely and efficiently.

    In air freight, FREJA’s global network of partners and carriers enables us to provide fast and flexible solutions to clients. We offer a range of services, including express, standard, and charter options, depending on the urgency and size of the shipment. FREJA’s team of air freight specialists works closely with clients to ensure that their cargo is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

    Last but not the least, FREJA is capable of offering combined transport not only by land but also by the mode called “air-in & sea-out” or “sea-in & air-out”. This is a very efficient product which is cheaper than by air all the way and faster than by sea all the way. This product is often used when crossing continents, especially for those destinations where sea freight transit time can be 50 days or more.

    Overall, FREJA’s participation in the WCA highlighted our strengths in sea and air freight, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality logistics solutions to clients across the world. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the global supply chain.

    Student network – a cooperation between trainees and student assistants in the USTC Group in Denmark

    As part of the USTC Group, FREJA is also part of the USTC Student Network. The program was established in Q4 2022 in order to create a network among trainees and student assistants across the different companies in USTC.

    We have a total of more than 100 trainees and student assistants in Denmark, and we find it very important to give them the opportunity to network and learn about the different companies within the group.

    Recently, FREJA hosted an event with the participation of 42 trainees and student assistants. The event was divided into three parts: a presentation of FREJA, a teambuilding activity, and dinner plus a social gathering. We were very happy to accommodate the young people and see them interact across companies and create new relations.

    Emilie Krogh – one of the organizers says: “It is of great value to know each other’s activities and in the future be able to make use of the synergies among the members of the group. We have passed on the baton and look forward to the upcoming event in May”.

    FREJA’s impressive lineup of sports partners: A team of elite athletes

    FREJA Transport & Logistics is not only a leading Nordic transport and logistics company, but we are also committed to supporting and empowering people to achieve their goals. We sponsor a diverse group of athletes, including Emil Mader Kjær and Victor Svendsen, who have been making waves in their respective sports.

    Emil Mader Kjær is a sprinting athlete who has been sponsored by FREJA since 2020. He has been making significant strides in his athletic career, breaking records and winning medals at various competitions. Emil is a promising athlete who has his sights set on becoming one of the best in the world, and FREJA’s sponsorship has allowed him to travel across the world to pursue his dreams of being competitive in a major final. Emil is a proudly sponsored FREJA athlete and one of the fastest sprinters Denmark has ever produced. Emil is currently training for the Olympic Games in 2024, where he aims to participate individually and with the Danish 4x100m relay team.

    Victor Svendsen is another athlete that FREJA sponsors. He is a badminton player who has been playing at an elite level for several years. Victor has been part of the Danish national team and has won several tournaments, including the Danish championship. FREJA’s sponsorship has enabled him to focus on his training and performance, ensuring that he can continue to excel in his sport.

    “It gives me some confidence that FREJA has chosen to support me and believe in my badminton project. I am really grateful for the continuous support they have been showing!” Says Victor Svendsen. FREJA has sponsored Victor since August 2015.

    These are just two examples of the many athletes that FREJA sponsors. We have a long-standing tradition of supporting talented individuals across various sports. Previously, we sponsored the AGF women’s handball team and Freja Ravn, a Danish badminton player.

    Furthermore, FREJA has partnerships with organizations such as Skive IF, Herning Bluefox, FC Midtjylland, and Skjern Håndbold.

    FREJA’s sponsorship of athletes is a testament to the company’s commitment to supporting people and empowering them to achieve their goals. We recognize the importance of sports and athletics in promoting physical and mental well-being, and we are proud to be a part of that journey for many talented individuals.

    In conclusion, FREJA’s sponsorship of athletes like Emil Mader Kjær and Victor Svendsen highlights our dedication to supporting people and promoting sports and athletics. As we continue to grow and expand our services, we remain committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

    New Managing Director in Poland

    FREJA is pleased to announce that Anna Jasiak has officially been appointed the new Managing Director of FREJA in Poland. Not only does she have extensive experience and knowledge from the industry, but she has also been with FREJA for many years and comes from a position as CFO in Poland.

    “We are very excited that Anna accepted our proposal to become the new Managing Director in Poland. We need someone who knows the industry and our company, and Anna does that. She was a natural choice for this position, and we look forward to developing FREJA in Poland under her lead”, says Torben Mortensen, Chairman of the board in FREJA Poland.

    About being appointed as FREJA Poland’s new Managing Director, Anna Jasiak says: “I am proud to be continuing my work in FREJA with all my talented colleagues, and I look forward to developing our business areas in Poland. I want to thank FREJA’s top management for trusting me in this new position”.

    Anna Jasiak took on the new role on February 1st, 2023.